Passport requirements for named children
  • Please help, I need to find out whether a passport is required for my daughter (aged 8) we are travelling to Portugal from Ireland for a family holiday, I have 3 children and my 2 sons have their own passports as they have travelled without me on occasion. Our daughter is named on both my husbands and my passport and they are not out of date for a few more years. I have tried to contact portuguese embassy but no answer by phone
  • Here is the web site I recommend viewing:

    Portugal Embassy , in Ireland 15 Leeson Park Dublin 6 Ireland
    +353-1-4127040 +353-1-4127041 +353-1-4127042 +353-1-4127043 +353-1-4127044 +353-1-4127045
    +353-1-497-02-99 Web:

    Hope it helps, Crissy
  • Thanks I got through to Embassy and No she does not need her own passport once she is under 16 Thanks Crissy
  • Does the same apply to Spain (Majorca). My daughter is 12 and my passport is valid until 2013. We are travelling in June for 2 weeks.

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