Schengen Visa Timeline
  • I am a US Citizen and visit Europe frequently for leisure. My question is in regard to the start-stop time of the 90/180-day limitation on the Schengen countries.

    Please read the following for an example:

    Say, for example, I stay from Day 1 to Day 30 then leave Schengen region and return on Day 150. On Day 179, it would seem that I have used 59 days toward my 90-day limit. But, on Day 180, I will have only used 30 days toward my 90-day limit. The real question comes into play on Day 240. Will I have hit my 90-day limit since I have been in Schengen region from Day 150 to Day 240? OR, will I have until Day 270 because my 90-day limit reset on Day 180?

    Sorry for the confusion and I appreciate everyone's thoughts on this matter :)


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