How much is 'sufficient funds to cover period of intended stay'?
  • What do they mean by "All visitors must hold sufficient funds to cover period of intended stay" in the "Passport/Visa Note" section of the Entry Requirements Page to enter Jamaica?

    Qouted Section:
    "Passport/Visa Note: All visitors must hold sufficient funds to cover period of intended stay, as well as an onward or return ticket to country of permanent residence and documents required for next destination. If departing from the USA a valid passport will be required by immigration authorities."
  • This is not a strict requirement, and is intended to deter illegal immigrants with no money from arriving and never leaving. The immigration officer may ask you to show funds, in which case you need to show travellers cheques or cash or a valid credit card.They most important thing is a hotel booking and return plane ticket.
  • Got another quick question...........Do you know what the legal drinking age is in Jamaica? Thank you very much for your help.
  • Actually in Jamaica as long as you have the money, like they usually say..."NO PROBLEM, MAN!" But I must warn you, if you are travelling alone, you would not want to get yourself too drunk over there.
  • I went to Jamaica in May. On my passport, when they stamped my passport, it says "Landed until Aug 29, 2009". What exactly does this mean? Can i not leave the United States until Aug 29th, or can i just not return to Jamaica until Aug 29th?
  • I'm staying with friends for a week at their home in Monetgo Bay area. Do I have to show proof of residence. I do have my passport and other ID infor. Thank you.
  • If I have a Nigerian passport. Do I need a visa to Jamaica?
  • Where in Ocho Rios Jamaica can I can exchange my US dollar for Jamaica dollar

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