Help Required to finalize Thailand trip
  • Hi All travel freaks here

    I am planning to go to Thailand for 10 days starting from 19th April - 28th April from India. Following are the places in my mind and i am mostly interested in the nightlife, beaches, water sports, jungle safari there. Let me know if i am missing any place:
    1) Bangkok: nightlife & shopping
    2) Ko Phi Phi: heard that it is the most beautiful island in Thailand
    3) Ko Samui: night life
    4) Ko Tao: water sports
    5) Ko Pha Ngan: full moon party on 25th April

    Also i am concerned about the following:
    a) Is April end a good season for my above itinerary?
    b) Are 10 days sufficient to cover all of the places mentioned in my above itinerary including travelling time?

    Thanks in advance.

    Prashant Gupta
  • 10 days honestly doesn't sound like enough. If you add in travel time, you won't have more than a day in any one place! 3 days is the minimum to explore an amazing city like Bangkok, and it will take some time to get to the islands from there. I would suggest eliminating one or two islands from your itinerary to get a fuller experience. Look at this guide to island resorts in Thailand to get an idea.

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