Safety for Women in Tunisia
  • Hi

    Myself, partner and 7mnth old son are travelling to hotel marhalba palace on the 22nd of nov, i was wondering on what it will be like or my baby i.e to sterilies bottles and for food nappies etc, anybody any advice? Also will it be warm??


    Ashley xx
  • Hi Ashley - I'm not sure what city you are travelling to? I don't know the Hotel Marhaba Palace. You should have no problems travelling with your baby - you can buy disposal nappies at any of the supermarkets here. You should probably bring some jars of food with you for the baby..........although I am quite sure you can also buy this at the supermarket (I've never actually looked for this myself). The restaurants and the hotels will be more than obliging and will want to help you as much as possible. Most things here are cooked using tomato paste and harissa (hot chilli) but if you ask they can make some food without the spice. Depending on where you are it could be cool. the weather here has changed now and we are heading towards winter. We now have temperatures ranging from low to mid 20c. But getting quite cold in the evening.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation!
  • hi there, please could you warn females visiting tunisia to be careful of the practise of "BEZNESS" As you will probably all ready know its the practise of coming on to women with the intension of fleecing them for money and or getting a visa into the eu
    they use scams ie the army scam to get money sent to them once the lady is home, she thinking she has fallen in love and found the man of her dreams
    on;y to find out that he has others sending money thinking they are the ones as well
    thanking you
  • Hey guest - are you a Tunisian? You are right about the bezness and the money scams and there are some very sad stories out there, but not all Tunisian men are like this. (I've heard that animators are the worst). this happens in other countries as well, big scams at the moment in Senegal where there are even instructions on the internet for the men. All women should be careful about their hearts no matter what country they are in. But Tunisian is beautiful and everyone should visit
  • Lesley is your company yet designing packages for Tunisia? Would the last 2 weeks of May be hot enough for a beach holiday? I like temps around 30 C. Cheers. Peter
  • Hi Peter - we are just now putting packages together. May is not the hottest month but very nice for a holiday on the beach. If you would care to email me I can put something together for you.
  • Hi-

    I have a good friend who lives in Tunis and is trying to convince me to move in with her for a few months (we are both American) she is a teacher and I am currently an au pair in Madrid. I would be in Tunis from mid Jan-mid March and am wondering about the pass times, nightlife, safety, etc...all the things that go into making the decision to move. I would like to try it, but at the same time it is an expensive and serious move so any advice or knowledge you could provide would be great!

  • MT - only you can decide whether you want to have the experience of living here or not. Tunisia is a very safe country but like everywhere else you always need to be aware of your surroundings and your personal belongings. For a foreigner with foreign currency it is very cheap to live here. Coffee bars, nightclubs etc are open in Tunis until very very late. there is much to see in and around Tunis but in the time you have you could certainly explore further afield. The desert is a beautiful place and you should see the Berbere homes in Tataouine and Matmata. The beaches are beautiful but not at the time of year you would be here. It is cold here in winter but not like in the US. Very rare to have snow as it is a mediterannean climate. Tunisia is now my country and I love it very much.........
  • Hi
    Im going to Port El Kantoui with a friend for a week at the end of feb. What is the weather like, as i have read on other websites that it is rainy and cloudy or sunny in the early 20C? We are looking for a relaxing holiday with a warm temperature to do a bit of sun bathing.

  • Hi

    My boyfriend and i are hoping to go to Tunisia next year.
    I am 17 and he is 19, is that acceptable in most hotels?
    Also will we need to have any vaccines or take any medication before we travel?


  • RC -hate to disappoint you but February here is the middle of winter - forget the sunbathing!! Sorry, but it can get quite cold and the wind can be quite fierce along with rain. But, you can still have a great time here even in winter
  • Emma,

    As long as you can prove that you have the funds available to pay for your hotel then there should not be a problem. the problem you will have though is staying in the same room. Look at my other posts and you will see the advice I have given others.
    No vaccines are required here and no you don't need to take any medication.
  • I have received an email from Hiren, but unfortunately the replies are being returned. In the hope that you may see this here is my reply:

    Hi Ren,

    Mabrouk (congratulations) and welcome soon to Tunisia. This is a wonderful country and I am sure you and your new wife are going to enjoy it very much. I have embedded my answers into your text. If there is anything else you want to know just email me and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can.

    Enjoy your time here,


    hi lesley i need some advice am going on holiday to tunisia.i got your add from travelforum these are the questions and concerns i have

    *can u trust the safety boxes in hotels would it be better to carry my passport and cash with me all the time?

    Yes – you can trust the safety boxes but you should carry your passport at all times. It is mandatory to have ID but if you have an ID card that would be ok.

    *am getting married soon and going on holiday to tunisia (skanes) and my wife and my name will not be changed in the passport as we won't have enough time to send them away to get changed when we get married and i hear its a problem to stay in a hotel if your not married?

    No – not a problem. Tourists rarely get asked if they are married, but if you want to make sure then bring your marriage certificate with you. Skanes is a very touristique area and you will not encounter any problems

    *am going on the second week of january 2010 whats the weather like there

    To us the weather is very, very cold but the temperatures are not as they are in Europe, however, you will need warm clothes especially for the nights when the temperatures are really cold

    *are there quite alot cliffs nearby from in or from skanes to do cliff diving?

    I am not sure you can do cliff diving here. Does that mean diving into the water? If so, I think that would not be advisable here, but I am sure the hotel will be able to advise you. The water is getting quite cold now so not many people are venturing in!

    *am really concerned about my wife to be's safety i hear guys r really pushy even if there with a partner i dont wona get into a fight or anything

    Yes, the men here can be pushy but it’s nothing to be overly concerned about. Your wife will be very, very safe! Treat everything with a good dose of humour and all will be well. The men will look – the women too, but that is a national pastime here. Everyone looks at everyone else. They will not talk to your wife, or approach her or anything else when she is with you.

    thank u so much lesley i tried asking for help on the website i signed up but couldnt figure out how to get in touch with you through there
    have a great day

    Again - I hope you will enjoy your time in Tunisie and I am sure you will want to return.
  • hi Lesley,salam alaeyki ,i think that you are able to answar to my son am
  • hi lesley,i forgot to wish you a happy new year 2010. bye Habib
  • Alekum salam Habib - and thank you for your NY wishes. We had a fine night although it is quiet here, not like in other parts of the world.

    Now for you son - is he living in tunisia or USA? If he is coming back with his girlfriend, inch'allah, I don't see a problem. As a US passport holder she can have a visa for up to 4 months without paying. As for the resident this may be more complicated. She must be living in Tunisia and she applies at the local police station to her residence. If you are in Tatouine (which is wonderful, have good friends there) then she must go there. A temporary resident card will be issued for 3 months and all she has to do is purchase a special TD10 stamp from the post office as payment. This will eventually elapse and it can take another few months (up to 1 year) for a second temporary resident ID card which is for 2 years. After that she can apply for permanent resident status. However, I'm not sure that if she is not married to your son whether she can have residency. I'll try to find out for you, but if you or your son can give me any further details then I can perhaps answer you better.

    Ask me as many questions as you like and I try to answer them all inch'allah

  • chokran lesley for the quick answar(excuse my very bad english,i speak french and arabic ..Now i am working in france "PARIS")

    For my son he is living in tunisia (tataouine)his girlfriend will come soon in april from usa .she wants to live in tunisia and be married with him.
    thank you Lesley i'll give the link to jessica and she can have you directly
    Habib salam aleyki.
  • Afwan Habib - I live in Tunisia and I am learning Arabic and your English is fine (much better than my Arabic) I will be happy to be direct with Jessica.
  • Hi, me and a friend have just booked a two week holiday in August at a hotel in Hammamet. We are both 19. Just a few questions we'd like to have answered honestly by someone who knows the place:

    1) After reading over some previous post the issue of clothing whilst away from the hotel has come up a few times. Usually on holiday I would wear a bikini with perhaps an above the knee dress, or shorts and sleeveless t-shirt over the top for when we leave the hotel (for lunch, shopping, exploring etc). Could you tell me whether this sort of thing would be appropriate or should we consider things like 3/4 length trousers, maxi dresses, tops covering our shoulders?

    2) I'm a bit wary of what i've read about shopkeepers grabbing people to get them to look in their shops, i'm sure my friend would be able to deal with this but I think I would feel quite scared as it will just be us two on our own. Is is advisable to visit shops, especially the Medina, during the day rather than in the evening?

    3) Do you know if there are many watersports available in Hammamet, for example paragliding?

    4) What sort of price could we expect to pay for some of the organised excursions available?

    5) How would you describe Hammamet as a resort, is it family orientated, couples, young people?

    6) Lastly, is there anything you would advise us to see or do while we are in Tunisia that wouldn't be too expensive? As we are there for 2 weeks we would like to do as much as possible.
  • Hello K - I am entering my comments within your text to make it easy for me:: but I want to say straight off please be careful. The hotels employ animators (all men) who prey on foreign women of all ages. It's called "bizness" don't be fooled by the charm, romance and sweet words - they are all (for the most part) love rats!! of course if you want to have a fling then of course that's your prerogative but I just wanted to tell it like it is straight off.

    1) After reading over some previous post the issue of clothing whilst away from the hotel has come up a few times. Usually on holiday I would wear a bikini with perhaps an above the knee dress, or shorts and sleeveless t-shirt over the top for when we leave the hotel (for lunch, shopping, exploring etc). Could you tell me whether this sort of thing would be appropriate or should we consider things like 3/4 length trousers, maxi dresses, tops covering our shoulders?

    Hammamet is a tourist area - however, the staff who work in the hotels are locals and majority men. You will see many women roaming about showing lots of their bits and then they get annoyed when they get hassled!! My advice - you are coming to Tunisia to enjoy yourself so pay some attention to the culture. Bikini is fine for the hotel pool and private beach but when you leave the hotel then perhaps wear a longer skirt, pants tops that cover your arms to the elbow. You will find that you will still be stared at (it's a national hobby here) but you won't get nearly as much hassle.

    2) I'm a bit wary of what i've read about shopkeepers grabbing people to get them to look in their shops, i'm sure my friend would be able to deal with this but I think I would feel quite scared as it will just be us two on our own. Is is advisable to visit shops, especially the Medina, during the day rather than in the evening?

    Go during the day unless you can find a nice couple to hang out with at night. My advice - use the death stare and ignore the hassle.

    3) Do you know if there are many watersports available in Hammamet, for example paragliding?

    Yes, you can do all the watersports here

    4) What sort of price could we expect to pay for some of the organised excursions available?

    From very cheap to very expensive. It depends on what you want to do and where you want to go. The hotels can organise heaps of day tours and there are travel agencies who can also offer you excursions.

    5) How would you describe Hammamet as a resort, is it family orientated, couples, young people?

    All of the above

    6) Lastly, is there anything you would advise us to see or do while we are in Tunisia that wouldn't be too expensive? As we are there for 2 weeks we would like to do as much as possible.

    Take the local transport to Tunis (the capitol) for the day - go to the old city and wander around the souk. See Carthage and the ruins of the Roman period.

    Lots and lots of things to do - Tataouine with Berber cave houses, Matmata, but they all take time and are some distance from you.

    I do hope you will enjoy your time - one thing I did forget to mention that in August we have Ramadan, I think it begins this year on the 10th but we won't know until much closer to the date. This means that some things may be closed or will operate on fewer hours than during the rest of the year. And it is hot and you must be very kind and understanding as we must not eat/drink/smoke etc. from around 4.00 a.m. until the sun sets, so most of us tend to sleep a lot during the day and then stay awake during the night.
  • hi me and my partner will be staying at imperial mahaba el port kantaoui (for our honeymoon :D ) iv been looking around the internet for trips but cant seem to find anything and also whats the weather usually like in july im sooo looking forward to it tunisia looks beautiful
  • Hello Sapphire - mabrouk and I hope that you will have a wonderful honeymoon here. In July the weather is hot but you will wake every day to blue sky and sunshine....marvellous. It can range from low to high 30c and on some days can be a little higher. Hotels in PEK can usually arrange day trips and there are many travel agencies there also. If you want to know about the area there are some fantastic sites about tunisia. Try = they have some very good travel guides and things to do. Tunisia is beautiful, and once you have been here you will want to return.............enjoy
  • Hi Lesley

    My sister and I are thinking of booking Tunisia for 2 weeks holiday in Sept this year. We have never been before, only to Spain, France and Greece. I went to Mexico last year and loved it as it was something diff from what we were used to so thought Tunisia would be the same.

    I have been reading up on it however dont have a clue where to go. Port El Kar, Soouse, and Hammammet seemed the best but I'm not sure. We are 24 and 26 looking for somewhere between not totally dead but also not jumping. One of the main things we were looking forward to was the cous we better to eat out in the towns or do the hotels do this? Also which hotel is best or what is some of the top 5 recommened?

    Do they towns have bars/clubs in Tunisia? I know obv the country and culture is diff from back home and my boyfr is arab and one of my best friends is Algerian so I am aware of all the culture/respect/clothing issues, that wont be a problem. Just didnt know if it was the kind of holiday we are looking for or what.

    Any comments would be great, thanks, Lorraine.
  • Hi Lorraine,

    Oh now you have me in a spin - I'm not one for the bars/clubs etc but I do know that Hammamet does have a lively night scene. There are many, many tourist hotels in Hammamet and it will depend on your budget as to which one you choose. So, it's not totally dead/or jumping!! I would recommend that you eat out at every possible opportunity - you say you like couscous, well Tunisia is the place for you. The fish is wonderful and many of the restaurants specialise in sea food. Try the couscous with fish - miam miam! For the best eating often it's not the tourist places, ask any of the locals where they eat or better yet see where the locals are eating and then jump in.

    September is a great time to visit - it's still warm but not over hot so it's easy to walk around, take a swim if you want and enjoy the sun. Just as an aside you may want to arrive after Ramadan. We are not sure of the dates yet but it starts around 12 August so will finish around 12 September.
  • Hi Lesley,

    I need to travel to Tunisia for 3 days training from Dubai. I am pregnant and I would like to know if it will be safe for me to travel to Tunic (I mean that can I be exposed to viral and parasite infections for which I am probably not immunized for?) Training will be in the hotel.
    Thank you
  • Hi Lesley,

    Myself and my friend (both of us female) are going to stay in Port El Kat at the very beginning of April and are really excited. Neither of us have been before but we read that in some hotels, the staff ask for a tip everytime they serve you a drink etc. Can you give us some advice about the tipping culture in Tunisia and when we should tip and when not to?

    Also, neither of us are very good at haggling but may want to buy a few things. Could you recommend an area or shops where we should start off?

    Also, what would the weather be like at the beginning of April?

  • Hi Lesley,
    I don't know how you became the official replier, but I think we all appreciate it! Very kind of you. My new husband and I are off to Tunisia in May. We are hoping the weather will be nice??

    We'd like to stay in Hammamet, based mostly on the pictures I saw of it--looks gorgeous. I just had a few questions to add. I had several of Jem's questions too--about tipping. But I was wondering how far the drive will be from Tunis airport to Hammamet? I am assuming that is the closest airport to Hammamet? Also, is it safe to get a cab from the airport to the hotel? Do we barter over the cost? What should we expect to pay for that ride? We really want to get up to Carthage to see the ruins. Should I just arrange that at our hotel? Do you guys arrange that sort of thing?

    Thanks SO much for your kindness answering all these questions. Also, where in Oz are you from? I'm a big Australia fan. :)
  • Ksu - You can travel safely to Tunis. We don't have any parasitic infections nor anything apart from the flu and cold - normal like anywhere else. Only drink the bottled water though as the water from the tap tastes bad. Enjoy your training course and I wish you mabrouk on the birth of your baby.
  • Jem, PEK is really lovely and has been purpose built for tourists. It is in a lovely situation right on the Mediterannean sea. We rarely tip in Tunisia, it is not our way of life. If someone in the hotel asks you for a tip they are bad! Here normally we would round up a taxi bill (say if it is TD3.200 then round up to 3.500) You can tip for excellent service and that is all - unfortunately some hotel staff do now expect tips because foreigners do that in their own country. You won't need to haggle too much in PEK because most of everything is fixed (tourist) prices. If you want to try your hand at negotiation then head for the old medina and souq, you will have the chance to bargain a little there. but I am sure you will enjoy yourselves, the cafes and restaurants around the marina are really lovel
  • Hello Lesley
    This is a great forum with lots of useful information for which I thank you. I am totally exhausted and need a warm place to read, eat and relax and I have chosen Skanes. Before I book it I just wanted to ask if a single white female of middle years can safely enjoy peace and tranquility?
    Thank you for your advice.
  • Hi Jamie - well I think I became the official replier because I love this country and I want to let everyone know as much about it as possible. It really is a privelege for me to be able to answer you all.

    The weather is wonderful in May, not too hot so you can still get around and enjoy everything without getting too tired.

    Tunis to Hammamet is a long, long way. If you can get a flight into Monastir that is much closer and will not take so long. However, if Tunis is the only airport you can fly into then please don't take a taxi - it will cost far too much. There are commuter buses and many of the larger resort hotels will pick you up on arrival. There is one company I have heard of who are extremely good - I just can't remember the name. Let me go and try to find it and I will post again for you.

    Carthage is a totally full day!! I would suggest that it would be cheaper for you to organise a day tour with one of the many companies operating in Hammamet. They will arrange everything for you, pick you up, have a qualified guide and drop you back again............and yes, it is definitely worth seeing. perhaps you would also like to consider a day in the capital, Tunis. the old city is lovely and a walk around the centuries old souq is a wonderful adventure.

    Even though I now call Tunisia home, my other home is in Melbourne in Australia although I have lived in Adelaide, Sydney etc. etc. I guess I'm a nomad but I think I have finally found where I belong.

    Have fun and I'll get back to you with the transport company details
  • Vivacety,

    Well you have picked the best country for warm weather, sun and relaxation! Why not take a look at Yasmine Hammamet as well. Skanes is quiet as is Yasmine with purpose built tourist resorts. You will be safe and secure I promise you. the only word of warning is to watch out for the animators (entertainers) at the hotels. All men gigolos, we call them Love Rats whose business is to relieve single foregin women of their money and heart. As long as you treat them as amusement you will be fine. You can walk around by yourself, go out and eat or just have a lie on the beach and you will be absolutely safe.

    I hope you enjoy your relaxing time here in Tunisia
  • Thanks, Leslie. I really appreciate it and am soooo excited to get to Tunisia. Thanks for your help--very reassuring and again, I really appreciate your enthusiasm for your new home as well as your tips for all of us. We are excited.
  • Hey Jamie, it's my pleasure and I know that you will enjoy your holiday here.
  • Hi Lesley,

    My friend and I are looking to go to tunisa at the end of may but after hours of research im still clueless as to where exactly in tunisa to go! At the moment I'm inbetween Hammamet, Sousse and D'jerba. Which one would you recommend above the others? We're both 23 year old females and we're looking for somewhere we can be right on the beach but also see a lot of culture and experience the real Tunisa as opposed to somewhere uber-touristy. Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  • Hi Nessy, well all of these are great places to base yourself for a holiday here. Hammamet is probably more what you are after - clubs, good restaurants, lots of interesting things to see and the beach. Sousse is a bigger city but still good value and well, Djerba is one of my favourite places, it's an island off the east coast and is the renowned 'land of the lotus eaters'. Lots of historic sites. However, all these areas are tourist areas. I do not recommend that you stay outside a tourist area to be quite honest with you. the standard of accommodation etc will definitely not be to your liking.
  • Hi again Leslie,
    We originally tried to arrange airport shuttle with our hotel, but we can't get anyone to reply to us. Did you happen to think of the name of that company by any chance?
  • Jamie - I'll try to get it for you. I'm out of my beloved Tunisia right now but I have a contact I can email for you.
  • Hi Lesley

    Thanks for getting back to me. I havnt been on in so long as have been in and out of travel agents looking at booking our holiday. You said Hamm...for the tourist bars etc however travel agents reccomend Port El Ka...? Will this still be to our liking do you think? We are going to book this week I think so if you can get back to me as may change to Hamm if that is better. Also the hotel we were going to stay in was the Marhaba you kno anything about this? Yes we has thought about ramadan, my sister had said around the 12th aswell......unfort we only have those 2 weeks booked off from our work so have to go sept 5th......if it was around ramadan time woudl the resturant and bars still be open just now during certian time? or no alcohol being served? Thanks!
  • Lorraine - from memory you and your sister are in your 20's correct? I think you will prefer Hammamet, but why not take a week there and a week in PEK. PEK is a little quieter and very purpose built for tourists. It is very clean though but perhaps a little more sterile than Hammamet. But PEK does have a wonderful beach, groomed and cleaned, and the area around the marina is fabulous with lots of restaurants, cafes etc. AAAhhhh - you shouldn't ask me to choose, not fair!! You can get to either place quite easily. I know the Marhaba Palace and it gets pretty good reviews. Tourists are able to eat normally during Ramadan and I'm sure the bars will still be open. Just be aware that most of us are fasting between sun-up and sun-down and tend to get very tired/grumpy/irritable (lol) during the day. But once the sun goes down, and we can take some water and food, then let the party begin!! Of course you should understand that perhaps drinking alcohol during the day is not very respectful, but after sunset if you wish would be fine.
  • Hi I am going to PLK in just over a week. What are the general rules regarding alcohol? Do they have any bars or similar and is it acceptable for women to go into them?
  • Guest - I think you mean PEK (Port el Kantaoui??). This is purpose built for tourists so there are bars, alcohol and pubs and yes it acceptable for you to go in there.
  • Thanks, Leslie. If you could email your contact that would be great. We arrive on May 3 at 8:45 pm. We would probably need a similar return shuttle to the airport in Tunis as our flight leaves at 3 am the morning of May 12th. We plan to just hang out in the airport for several hours and head over in the evening on May 11th. Any info you could help us get for a reliable transport would be great.
  • Dear Lesley, i am very apprepriate your advice when i read the past post.
    I will go to tunisia at the end of march to early April with my female friend. we would stay there about five days. at the begining, we want to search some local tour to get around, but , the result is that the cost is very expensive. we decide to go there by ourselve. But we still have some hesitation on the safety and we consider that the transportation time of each site in between is quite much, is it? may i get around --Tunis --Sidi Bou Said-Carthage----Sousse---El-jem--Douz--Tozeur--Chott el-Jerid within 5 days??? is it enough??
  • One more thing, i find some of hotels recommended by Lonely planet do not have website that I cant reserve my room in advance, is it difficult if i find it when i arrive there???
  • Hi Winnie - you will not be able to do very much in 5 days I'm sorry. Whilst we are only a small country, we do not have many freeways and the traffic can be bad and at times very slow. If you are arriving into Tunis then I suggest that you concentrate on the areas around the capital. You can easily go from Tunis to Sidi Bou Said for the day, also Carthage will also take a day. It takes more than 3 hours to get to Sousse but it can be done. Forget Douz, Tozeur etc - these trips can take more than 5 - 6 hours. There is a very nice beach area in the most beautiful Nabeul. You can get there easily from Tunis (about 2 - 3 hours) with some resorts on the beach so you could spend a day or so there. If you use the louages to get around they are cheap. They take a maximum of 9 people and will only leave when the car is full, however, this doesn't take long and you are on your way.

    In regard to the hotels, even if you email they may not reply - Tunisia is not a high tech country (yet), however, you could try calling some of the hotels and make a reservation that way. You may even get it cheaper. We are coming into high season so don't risk not having a hotel at least for the first night of your arrival. There are a number of websites that provide hotels/bookings so maybe you can try these.

    I hope you will enjoy your stay and perhaps come back to see more of this wonderful country
  • Hi Lesley!
    My name is Ana and my boyfriend, tunisian, and I are going to Tunisia the end of May. I heard that once we get to Tunisia, we can not even hold our hands on the street, is this true?
    please, can you let me know? my questions sounds silly but I dont know the culture in that country as I come from Central America and for me will be a new experience to travel to another continent. Also, please, would you mind advicing me what kind of clothes should I wear there?
    thank you in advance! :)
  • hi lesley

    i am planning to go on holiday to tunisia for easter holidays with my sister.

    We have no idea which is the best place to go!!

    can u help advise please?
    we'd like somewhere with plenty of sights to see, fun things to do, bustlings shops and cultural sites tov iew....and a nightlife but we arent heavy drinkers are party goers...just a bit of life would be nice!

    we are both later 20's and hope to get guaranteed sun, will easter be warm enough to go on the beaches??

    any advice on the best resorts to go to would be very much appreciated thank you

  • I just found this forum, and I'm hoping that I can get answers to some of the questions I have. I am a 50ish woman planning a solo visit to Tunisia in April. I already have the airline reservations and reservations for three nights in Tunis, but after that I'm at a loss.

    I would like to travel to the south and see the desert and some of the Star Wars locations, but I'm just not sure about how to go about the transportation and tours to those areas. How safe is it to travel by bus? What about louage? If I'm not sure of my itinerary, is it possible to get a hotel room without advance reservations?

    I am trying to learn some French and I have an Arabic phrasebook, but I'm afraid that I will not be able to communicate very well. Will I be able to travel independently like I hope to do?

    Thank you in advance for any advice or information you can give me.

  • Salem Ana - so welcome to both of you in wonderful Tunisia. Firstly, I just want you to know that very few hotels will allow you to stay in the same room unless you produce a marriage licence. If you were both foreigners it would not be so much of a problem. But your boyfriend should know this already. As for touching/holding hands in public, well it just respectful of the culture not to do this in public. My husband and I do not touch outside our home, he may take my arm or my hand to cross the road or if the street is bumpy etc, but apart from that nothing. Even at the airport when I leave for a trip we just kiss each other on the cheek. As for clothing - I advise that you go for more modest clothing than you perhaps would normally wear. I have gone for the boho look for this summer as it is easy to wear and very cool. Buy some of those floaty cotton tops from India and wear with loose long skirts, jeans or long pants. It looks lovely and you will feel very comfortable (and so will your b/f). Make sure that nothing is see through though!! If you want any more help then I am happy to give you more information.

    I do hope you will both enjoy your time in Tune..........
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