Weather and best time to visit India
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    You all have same queries like when visit to India and which places to visit. So I would like to say that there are so many places in to visit like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Mysore, Rajasthan, Delhi, North India, South India and many more and the best time to visit in India is from August to March so you may visit India at this time and enjoy of your trip because the whether and environment of India is good. So if you want to know more about tourist destination then you may go with this link
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    Where would you recommend for April to June?
  • Actually, there is no such thing to say that best time to visit India because the country has variety of destinations with different weather conditions and one can be on any of such Indian destination all over the year without weather impact. The destinations like Leh and Ladakh, Valley of Flowers, Goa Beaches, South India Attractions like Kerala Ayurvedic Tour, etc. After all, you can make a good time around regardless of the time you visit India.
  • I am going to India golden triangle incl Kashmir on 1st week of Dec 2012. Pls advs the weather to expect. Any possibility of proceeding with the stay at boat hse? Does temp ever go -ve ? Tq
  • List of best uncasual places in india.

    5.Roopkund Lake
  • Best time to visit India is Aug to Nov. September to Dec is a tourists season of Kerala, Goa but not Kashmir.
  • The best time to visit India is between late October (the end of the monsoon season) and mid-March. April and May can be very hot and humid
  • The best time in India is the winter season from December to January, as it makes that you are in heaven...
  • The weather in India varies dramatically.While the southern tip of the India is being lashed by tropical monsoon
    rain, the north will be blanketed in thick snow. the best
    time to travel to India depends greatly on the destinations to be
    visited and the climate experienced there.
  • Best time to visit India is around December to February. In this period weather is perfect for traveling. So if you are thinking to visit India than plan your trip around December to February.

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