How to say "allergic to nuts" in arabic-french?
  • I'm travelling with my partner who has an anaphylaxic nut allergy, and just to be safe, I wanted to tell the hotel when we check in, and the waiters in the restaurant.
    Can anyone help me figure out how to say it in the preferred language?
    I've found it in french, but having read various posts saying that they speak a mixture of the two!
  • I'm going to Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia.
  • If your partner is allergy to nuts, and tell them you do not put any kind of nuts in the meals, which they do understand well. As most of the hotels or restruant do understand
  • Emiwee - most Tunisians speak French so it should be fine. There is a great translating tool on Google so why not put that phrase into the bar and translate it. You can then print it in Arabic and French and show it when you need to. Even so be very careful, nuts are used a lot here in cooking and sometimes they misunderstand what is and what isn't a nut.
  • Make sure you also take an antidote treatment, and bring the prescription with you in case the medicine is queried at the border.
  • Just as a word of advice, always travel with a letter from your doctor indicating which medications you need and why you have them with you. I always have a letter translated into French for the Tunisian immigration but to be honest, I have never been questioned.
  • Oh right, I never thought about the prescription or the letter explaining why he needs it. Thanks!! Yeah, I've made sure we've got like 4 epi-pens just incase something happens. I've found an allergy charity website which prints out translation cards incase of 3 different situations. Pretty good actually, but charges £15.
  • In Arabic you Say; Andi Hasasiyah lel mokassarat
    In french; sil vous plais je suis allergique aux fruit sec
    in Tunisia most (ALL)of arabian cackes are made with nuts, its very delisious
    Port el Kantawi is located in sousse city, nice place where you can enjoy the beach and nights.
  • Port El Kantawi; WOWWW nice place
    Dont worried, Tunisians speack meany languages,

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