Visas for Ethiopia
  • Anyone know what it costs for an Ethiopian visa for UK and South African passport holders obtained at the Ethiopian embassy in Nairobi?

    Also what it costs for a Sudanese visa for either passport holder obtained at the Sudanese embassy in Addis?

    Any advice greatfully received.
  • Maybe try ask the Nairobi embassy direct:
  • Thanks David for the embassy contact info in Nairobi - will try them. Are you sure about that e-mail address? Should it not end
  • is probably right!
  • Thanks mate. Trying to get thru to them tonight.
  • Have great trip - my profile picture above was taken in Gondor ... Ethiopia is a really great place to explore.
  • Hi there
    It is confusing. says one need a visa prior to arrival over land but if you go to www. they say that for a large number of nationals like the UK, the USA and the Netherlands (where I come from) as well as South Africans can get a Visa on arrival. Do they mean arriving by air or in general?
    Who can help me here
  • Ok, here's the deal. The latest information from the Ethiopian authorities is that you can get a visa on arrival if flying into Bole International if you are from one of these countries:

    Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea Republic, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

    The visa costs $20. It is not available if arriving overland.

    You can also, if you choose, get the visa in advance from a consulate in your country. I would take that option just to be on the safe side ... but you are probably fine getting it on arrival.
  • Thanks again David. Had always planned on getting it at the Ethiopian embassy in Nairobi but wanted a rough idea of what they sting you for it. If it's $20 there as well that's pretty good by today's standards! Charging for visas must be one of the simplest ways of making money. For 2 cents worth of ink and a new rubber stamp every couple of years I could be a millionnaire very quickly. Tanzania used to get 50,000 visitors every year wanting to climb Kili. When it was $50 a pop for the stamp that makes $2.5M a year. Nice.....

    Thanks again.
  • Hi all, I am living in Bahrain, working in Saudi.
    A friend has asked me to vacation with him to Ethiopia but I am having conflicting results on the net when trying to gather info on Visa requirements.
    Some sites say because I have UK Passport I can receive Visa on arrival, other say I have to get one in advance?

    Please, someone help me, there is no Ethiopian Embassy here in Bahrain so i can't get the info from here.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Jim - see the repplies above where your question is answered.

    As a UK national you can get a passport on arrival if flying into Bole International.
  • Thanks David, I had read the above but unsure as to whether being resident in Bahrain would make a difference. Thanks for the comment, appreciated.... Looks like I'm heading to Ethiopia next month!!! :)
    I hope it's worth it!
  • Jim - it is an amazing country, one of my all time favourite places. Don't miss Lalibela, Gondor, and the Simien Highlands. The food is good too, and the coffee the best in the world!!
  • Hi there

    Is there any one to give me info how to find a visa for a German National at Addis Ababa, Bole International Airport? What is the requirement and the fee?

  • Germans can get visas on arrivals at Bole. The cost is $20.
  • Just wanteed to know, where i can download the application for a visa to Ethiopia its for my friend and she hasnt got British Passport!
  • Hi there

    I am glad you asked that.i will send you via your can reach me at
    inform me your email then i will write you soon.
  • If sudanese in Oman. How to get visa to Ethiopia? Anybody knows?
  • Hi there!
    Please advice me. I completed Australian skilled visa eligible assessment online.But for the visa application process I was asked to 419USD to pay through credit card or telegram transfer. Is this mean that i can sure get the visa? or something tricky? please help.
    Thank you.
  • I will be in Ethiopia for about 2 months as well as traveling and visiting I will be consulting for business a part of the time is it necessary to get a business visa at the airport and if so how much?
  • Alex - you are being conned. That is all.
  • Whats the latest for South African's wanting to enter Ethiopia? Anyone done a business trip from SA there recently (last 3 months). Could you get the visa upon arrival?
  • Hi..I am a Malaysian. How can I get visa to Ethiopia? Can I get the visa upon arrival? If can't, what I have suppose to do? Can I request to get visa upon arrival? Because I think applying Ethiopia visa from Ethiopia embassy in other countries is too expensive for me. I'm just a student and my budget is low. Please anyone help me..thank you :)
  • I'm a Sierra Leonean living in the UK. Can I get an Ethiopian visa on arrival at Addis, or do I need get it in advance?
  • hi there, why bahrain visa not given for ethiopia? i want to go there
  • Can anybody with Sudan visa enter Jojo territory
  • hi.. im holding a Philippine passport.can I get an Ethiopian visa on arrival? thanks

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