Vietnam visa on arrival
  • For those who concern about how to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival.
    Step 1: visit a travel agent's website and fill out application form.
    Step 2: pay service fee
    Step 3: wait 2 working days since the day you submit the form and get you visa approval letter
    Step 4: go aboard and pay stamping fee to Vietnam Immigration officer at arrival airport and pick up your visa.

    Have a good trip!
    For more detailed information, please visit
  • Thanks for your information, but can you give more detailed information about service fee and stamping fee. The service fee change due to each each operator. And the stamping change annually. For this year,
    the stamping fee 2014 is:
    - 1 month/ 3 months single entry: $45
    - less than 1 month multiple entry: $65
    - 1 month/ 3 months multiple entry: %95
    - 6 months multiple entry: $135
    To check the stamping fee update, visitors can consult here:
  • You can check it here , Only 10$./pax Big discount 2014 / Source: www.Vietnamvisa.proimage

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