Lake Kariba for New Years
  • anyone been to a kariba new year lately? i wonder if they're still so good - was last there in 2001. would love to spend a week on a houseboat!
  • Hello Jade

    We have been in Kariba Zambia a month ago and Kariba is a wonderfull place we would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • With all the chaos and currency problems is Zimbabwe (a) cheap or expensive, and (b) a safe place to visit?
    I also spent a new years at kariba in late 1990s and had a sensational time. what a great place!
  • Hello David

    I think Vic Falls on the Zimbabwe side is worth the visit,people are very friendly and there are lodges and hotels that caters for every budget. They deal in U$ or South African Rand.All prices are based on U$. We saw Tourism Police walking around, yes it is safe and the people welcome tourist in there area.
  • Foxtrot, thanks for the reply, can you estimate what I would spend if I was staying in a 3 star hotel OR guesthouse for 5 days? Also, it is possible to stay in locals houses like a B n B? I want to benefit the local people as much as posible with my tourist spend.

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