UK visa expiry - can I go home?
  • Hi I am an international student pakistan national in UK. I am just planning to go home but my visa will get expire in coming 12 August 2013 & I want to go in June. I was just wondering if I will get back to UK after 1 month & I would be left with 40 days UK visa. So is that fine to go home country?? Please do let me know. Thanks!
    SIDDIQ khan
  • Hi Mr Khan,

    Im a travel agent, i can help u to book air ticket n give u a special price. About your visa its fine to go back to uk again.

  • I am a UK lawyer, you can go home and return, just make sure you have studied here and have complied with the immigration rules. If you have breached the immigration rules in any way then you will be prevented re-entering the UK.

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