Honeymoon in November: Athens, Greece, Turkey
  • Hello,
    I would be going for my honeymoon in November first week. I would like to know how would Athens, Greece & Turkey be during that time? Which is the best time to visit these places?

  • Athens is rainy and cool over that period. See here for more weather info on Athens: http://www.wordtravels.com/Cities/Greece/Athens/Climate
  • Hello,
    I cant agree more with a decision to go fo Honeymoon in Greece. Im not so sure about Athens. I preffer Greek islands. For my own wedding between other hompeges I was glad to find some greek portal ( www.gamos-guide.gr ) with alot of useful information where to stay etc. Actually it was why I choose Greek Islands for my honeymoon vacation. It was absolutely great and romantic.
    About the best time visiting these places... I personally suggest June or September. Then its not so hot, but it is still very warm. You have a Sun and no rains. Well... I wish you good luck!
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Well, I have travelled all over Turkey - many times - and I would avoid Bodrum, Marmaris and Olu Deniz if I were you; far too commercialised. Side (pronounced See-Day) is by far the best resort; 50 minutes drive from Antalya airport with 300 days of sunshine and the 2nd longest pure sand beach in Turkey. Beautiful old ruins (it's where Anthony met Cleopatra) and you don't need a car there - walk along the beach or take a dolmus for just £1 anywhere. Mondays and Thursdays are market day in nearby Manavgat; take the boat trip from Side there for just £10 including lunch for the day; Turkish Bath/Hamam just £15 for 3 hours of pampering. Check out the websites for photos. Lots of hotels there do special Honeymoon packages - have a wonderful time - might see you there?! Angela R
  • http://www.plusistanbul.com/en

    Have look this address, they'r preparing special events and everything for your Istanbul and Turkey tour and i advise you strongly Istanbul and Antalya in a week. You can fly Istanbul and stay there a few days and go to Antalya then to have an great holiday then fly back from Antalya but i dont advise you Side, there are much more amazing places around Antalya and Side is so basic near them so you can go to west side of Antalya to have great honeymoon

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