Going to Tanzania and South Africa
  • Hi everyone

    I am planning on spending a month in Tanzania, then a month in South Africa, so I need to make my way down from Tanzania to Cape Town. is this trip expensive by plane or what other options do i have?

    Any up to date advice would be great!
  • I had searches a lot about Tanzania and it is really a good option to enjoy family travel under such natural beauty that is one complete Journey of your life, because there are many things that you get to enjoy here - peoples way of living, Natural climate, wildlife safari, ans many more like ---
    Visit Pemba for bull fighting
    Fishing is good idea
    Hot air balloon driving
    Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro trekking
    Visit National Museum
    Ngorongoro - safari - Serenget
    Scuba Diving
    Stone Town
    Zanzibar’s beaches.

    Having everything at one place even at cheap price why not one enjoy travel as For more information enjoy Africa through Tanzaniatravel . org - "Life is beautiful but Traveling makes it more beautiful"

  • i am not sure about it. but you can have cheap flights too so that you can adjust within your budget. when you are going there?

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