living in buenos aires
  • hello, i am a british national working abroad on a yatch , but i want to move to buenos aires to live with my partner(who is from colombia)
    as he is having problems getting a visa for europe, we intend on being married and living in buenos aires for 1 year or so ,,i will still work abroad , but plan to live 3months in BA and work 3 months , can anyone give me advice about living in BA and our situation about being married in BA , also i plan on returning to live in europe with my partner evetnually
    will being marreid help our situation dealing with goverment red tape ,
    thnaks to any one who can help
  • my daughter wishes to study abroad as part of a program that her university offers. I have never travelled abroad. My question is "how would being part of a university study abroad program" affect the 50 US dollar a day suggested budget i read about on a web site.
  • I have been here for over a month. In comparison to the U.S. eating out here is much cheaper. Yesterday I went to one of the nicest and most expensive steak restaurants in the city and spent less than $20, on average though I spend around $8-15. Traveling around the country can get pricey if you are flying but there are a ton of bus companies with fully reclining seats to choose from to cut costs. There are cheap hostels everywhere if you are traveling. I found a lot of apartments on craigslist so I would check there for cheap housing/rent.
    Felicity- Hotel booking in Buenos Aires
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