2-yr teaching VISA requirements for United Arab Emirates
  • I am applying for international teaching positions in United Arab Emirates, which will most likely be a two-year contract. Will they give me such a visa? Please help! Thank you!
  • Once you get the job the company that is posting this will get you a visa without a problem. When you send your passport to the UAE Embassy you will need to send a copy of the letter to them. Usually most jobs in the UAE will get you the visa authorization . By the way what is your nationality? Their are some restrictions depending on that
  • Can anyone tell me if vaccinations are required? As an example, a choice was made to not vaccinate children and they will accompany this person on a teaching contract. TIA.
  • Iam a South African citizen with Zimbabwean degree.Wil i be able to get a visa with Zimbabwean degrees.Are ther any people with Zimbabwea qualifications teaching in UAE or DUBAI?Please advise me because SOUTH kOREA has turned me down because of Zimbabwean degree.

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