South Africa: Chinese people need Visa?
  • I have living permit of switzerland until 01?08?2010?do I need a visa to go to South Africa, my passport is Chinese.
  • if anybody know the details,thanks...
  • Yes you need a visa. Cost is around $37.
    Living permit makes no difference. Passport nationality is what it important.
  • Thank you very much?
  • Once you are a chinese passport holder,you need a visa and genuine document to travel to any other country,even to the poorest country in the world,you need a visa once u are with chinese passport.Am sorry its a pitty.
  • Do Kazakhs nationals need a visa to visit South Africa. I am British national wanting to marry my Kazakh fiancee in Cape Town.
  • Dear Ying

    If you have a living permit for Switzerland then you need a visa but can apply at the South African High Commition in Switzerland. Should you want only a visitors visa. If you need assistance with your visa and travel arrangements to South Africa you can contact me at we can help you.

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