Gifts for the locals in Cuba
  • Some of the contributions about gifts are very strange in that the first thing you should in a Foreign country where you are honoured to be a guest, is to learn some of the language. Cuba is no diferent. Learn 10 holiday phrases and you are off, 20 and you are flying. Cubans are basically good people and you will discover this as you can make friends with the hotel staff. They are very intelligent but avoid politics. You are on holiday! I spend £30 on charity shop clothes sometimes you can get a bag full for £2. Might wear them once or not at all. We take numerous gifts but only give them out after seeking permission from an adult. You should not give things out for nothing, try to reward help. The contributor who pojnts out US dollars are unwelcome is talking nonsense. The US dollar is the number one currency in the world. Ask them if the will take US dollars for a tip and they will bite your hand off. We are going shortly, cannot wait. Treat the Cubans with respect and they will reciprocate. Treat them rudely and you will know about it!

  • US Dollars are accepted, but it's the only international currency that
    suffers a 10% surcharge at the Cuban Bank or Cadeca. That's why bringing
    Canadian Dollars, Euros, etc. makes more sense.

    Have a read through this and come back with any further questions:



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