do I need visa for tunisia?
  • im resident in america i have green card and passport mexican  and i get my ticket for go to tunisia its possibl go there without visa 
  • Lass you will need a visa for Tunisia check here Isuggest you contact the Tunisian embassy before you buy a ticket.
  • thanks but i call the ambassade america he say i can comme without visa 
  • But you are not  a US citizen you are Mexican so I suggest you contact the Tunisian embassy in the US.

    You are going to be in a very difficult situation if you arrive in Tunisia without a visa and they refuse you entry. I urge you to read the Tunisian embassy page and you will see Mexico is NOT on the list of countries who do not need a visa,
  • but i have green card im resident i have 13 years in america and the ambassade dant give mee any thing bb

  • Lass , I repeat again you are NOT a US citizen no matter how many years you have lived there and therefore do not have the same rights as a US citizen. The fact you have a green card is irrelevant you need a US passport as it is you have a Mexican passport and according to the Tunisian government Mexican citizens require a visa to enter Tunisia.. 
  • sory i ask a lot but if i comme there how many times i need for get the  visa
  • According to the Tunisian Embassy in Washington DC it takes 2 weeks for the visa to be processed. Everything you need to know is here!visa-services/c92c it lists the documents you require and supplies the application form etc.

    If you read carefully one of the documents required is
    • Copy of Permanent Resident Card or Proof of Status.

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