Bring my wife to UK
  • I am a UK citizen and I leave in London, but I want to bring my wife to come and leave with me in UK from Nigeria, what step do I need to take or how can I go about it.

  • You need to be earning before tax an salary of £18,600 pr annum, and to have been in the same employment for six months before you apply.
    • Letter from your employer confirming your employment, the date you joined, your job title, national insurance number , the number of hours you work per week and your annual salary. This letter should be set out on the companies letter head.
    • Six months bank statements (you cannot be overdrawn) and six months of any savings account you may have.
    • Six months pay slips and your P60 if you have one
    • Proof of accommodation, tenancy agreement or mortgage statement
    • Council tax  and utility bills in your name ( this demonstrates you live at the address)
    • Marriage certificate
    • Photographs of your wedding,
    • A certified copy of your passport showing the dates you traveled to Nigeria for your wedding
    • Your wife is required to have an ESOL certificate level A1 the British Council in Nigeria can give advice on test providers 
    A completed VAF4 application form completed on line at

    If you require legal advice please contact me at  

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