Kusadasi, Gumbet, Bodrum Hotels - villa style
  • Hi, does anyone know of any really lively hotels with lots of pools, entertainment etc in Kusadasi, Gumbet or Bodrum area's that are close to beach, bars, shops etc but have villa style accommodation or bungalow type accommodation. Family of five going, ages 45, 43, 19, 18 & 15 so need extra space and any hotels i've looked at so far are for two bedrooms only.

    Also keeping in mind the age groups and that we like doing loads of stuff during the day, jeep safari's, boats, sight seeing etc and bars, dinner at night, which would be the best location?

    I've been to Kalkan, Icmeler and Olu Deniz before and loved all three but am conscience of the fact were taking a nineteen and eighteen and fifteen year old who will be wanting loads to do during the day and night.

    Many Thanks
  • Artkaztic
  • The only hotel near Kusadasi that I know has bungalows is the Pine Bay Holiday Resort. http://www.pinebay.com/ It  has an aqua park and lots of other facilities,

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