Adaptors for hawaii
  • Hi there
    im travelling to hawaii from australia and i will be taking a charger for my camera. We sell adaptors here that go from australian plugs to american plugs, however they are selling 2 and 3 plugs that will sit in hawaii's walls. Can any one help as to which one i should get?
    thanks aimee
  • Hi Aimee
    Plugs are mainly the two, flat-pin type, though three-pin plugs are also widely used.
    European appliances without dual-voltage capabilities will require an adapter, which can be purchased in most major departure airports.
    In your case I think the adaptor should do the trick, unless you plan on changing the plug and plugging it into the wall?!

    I hope this answers your question!
  • It makes no difference if you buy a two or three-pin Australia to U.S.
  • Hi M
    what i was meaning was would i need a 3 pin australian to a 2 pin us, or a 3 pin austalian to a 3 pin us?

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