schengen visa refusal
  • What do I do if I am being denied a schengen visa due 2 d reason dat: Your intention to leave the territory of the menber states before th expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. What evidence do I need 2 submit if I desire to write an Appeal. Against the decision.
  • If you have made a Schengen visa application which is refused, you may have the option of appealing against the decision. Appealing a decision means that you can try tohave the decision overturned and changed.
    To discover if an appeal is possible, it is important that you read the information in the refusal notice (the Embassy's decision) carefully so that you can see what options are available to you and how you can proceed. Each Embassy is different and an appeal is not possible in every case. If you are able to appeal, you must follow the appeal guidance of the particular Embassy you applied to.

    If you have been refused you can simply apply again. You will need to make a new application and pay another fee. Just because you were refused a Schengen visa it does not mean that you will be refused next time. All applications are considered on the basis of the information provided. However, it will be important that you address the problem in your first application and show that you have made changes or included the extra evidence needed.
    You must give the reason for your visit, when and where you will stay and evidence such as an airline ticket to demonstrate when you will leave the Schengen area.
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    But u still have nt answered my question. The reason for the refusal was stated that: YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE THE TERRITORY OF THE MEMBER STATE BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF THE VISA COULD NOT BE ASCERTAINED. They said I can writ an appeal against the decision. The qustion is wot document can use to maker them believe I will come back to me country when writing the appeal.
  • It means you need to demonstrate strong ties to your home country: proof of employment, proof that you own property, that you have family and a life there, etc.

    A good way to do this is to have your employer give you a letter (on the company letterhead) confirming that you are employed there, and stating the dates you have been granted leave for.
  • Thanks I am grateful.
    But can u please tell hw long it will take before my appeal will be attended to or before getting reply frm d embassy.
  • Appealing a Schengen visa refusal can be very long, drawn out and confusing as there is no specified time frame. The rules just say a  person has the right to have his affairs dealt with in a "reasonable time"  .

    I know of people who made appeals, were given appeal numbers by the embassy and that was the last they ever heard of the appeal. So I suggest you don't waste your time appealing you simply reapply with better evidence, 
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    I think i better try some other time.
  • Hw do you manage to attend 2 all these mails? N get a beta answer to dem all. U are impossible.
  • Is that a compliment ? :)

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