visa question
  • Can a person living and working in the UK on a permanent working visa ( still classed as a Jamaican citizen) return back to Jamaica for more then six weeks, and then return to the uk?  
  • And when bringing a child over from Jamaica at what age is the child no longer classed as a dependent child? 
  • Firstly there is no such thing as a permanent working visa in the UK. Do you mean you have Indefinite Leave to remain?

    If you have ILR you can stay outside of the UK up to 2 years if you do not come back before 2 years are up you will loose your ILR. If you do have Indefinite Leave to remain why not apply for a British passport and you wont have these worries.

    A dependent child is a child under the age of 18 years old. Over 18 years of age your children are adults.
    Applying for a child under the age of 18 to enter the UK is a very difficult immigration matter, you need to take legal advice.
  • ok thank you

  • I have a 45 visa in pi i am from USA it exprires april 12 my flight is on the 14th what do i have to do
  • American citizens are granted a six month visa upon arrival at a UK airport.

    In UK law there is no such visa as a "45 visa in pi" What I do know , is that if your visa expires before you travel you may not be allowed back into the country that granted the visa. If you overstay two days after your visa expires you may be refused entry next time.

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