Americans living in Jordan
  • Hello all,

    my boyfriend has been offered a lucrative job in Jordan that will require us moving. I was concerned as an American woman about a few things and have started researching customs/societal norms. I am concerned about a boyfriend and girlfriend living together in the same house, same bed. I know some countries do not allow unmarried couples to do this. I was also concerned about if I need to go out alone, can a lone female go any where with out a male chaperone? I have read quite a few sites and all seem to suggest their experiences revolve around a group, vacations, or traveling with a guide. What will day to day experiences be like?

    I have already visited sites as jordanjubilee, journeywoman, tripadvisor, and lonelyplanet.


    Thank you for all advice



  • Hi Jynx,

    The following information is from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office website it is for people who actually live in Jordan not those on holiday

    I lived in the Middle East and a woman friend of mine in her thirties at the time was imprisoned and deported from Jordan for having a relationship outside of marriage, her Lebanese partner was also deported. 

    Maybe you should  join an expat group like this

    I do hope that helps .
  • Here's a link to a great guide for expats living in Jordan. Good luck!

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