I hold two countries Work VISA
  • Hello All,

          Please can u help me?/  Actually I have a KSA work VISA but now I got a another offer from UAE and UAE work VISA also Got. Can I travel UAE without KSA work VISA cancellations????
    Please help me soon 
  • You obviously had to give your passport to the UAE authorities to be granted your UAE work visa and your Saudi visa was still valid at that time, so why would you think your Saudi visa would prevent your entry into the UAE ? 

    Lots of people myself included, have visas that are still valid and travel into other countries on other visas.

    You should have your exit permit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before you leave and you already have your UAE visa , so I don't see a problem.
  • Thanks Alethia, I'm also searching for this question. It help me a lot. 
  • Seems you deleted your post Terry,but I too think alexander is a spammer, he writes in exactly the same nonsensical style as Jerry and Rauby.

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