Dublin - Any Questions?
  • I'm delighted to be included as a Travel Expert for Dublin and look forward to answering any questions and hearing people's experiences.
    I've been in the Dublin Tourism business for the past 25 years and have been an official Dublin Tour Operator for the past 17 years.
    So if you are returning to Dublin or are coming for the very first time I'd love to hear from you.
    Brian Whelan.
  • Hi Brian = welcome to the Forum, glad to have you onboard!
  • Hi,
    I am from Armenia. We are in UK with my husband who is student. We are planning to go to Dublin to visit a friend, do we need a visa for this trip?

  • Hi Ana,
    Once you have a passport with you that has been accepted to enter you into the UK you will not require a visa.
    Do bring with you a Visa or Mastercard or plenty of cash so there are no issues with you trying to remain in Ireland to find work illegally.
  • Dear Brian,

    I just recently was refused entry into Ireland. I met this wonderful man of my dreams online and we chat every single night on the telephone! We've been chatting with each other and exchanging our lives over the phone since July. He recently bought me an airline ticket to go to Ireland..in Longford to spend time with him and his family for Christmas. We have become so close and everyone was expecting me. He bought me a roundtrip ticket and I wanted to spend time with him so badly for three months. However, when i arrived at Heathrow for flight connections, i was detained by the immigration officer, questioned..etc. I still have employment here in Canada, but the only thing is..i didn't tell my employer that i went to Ireland just to ensure i protected my position.

    I had very little money in my purse, but more in my bank account and more money was going to be deposited into my account from my employer. They thought I was trying to get into the country to work illegally and that wasn't the case at all. I explained to them that where i was staying, i didn't require many funds as i wasn't paying rent. I just wanted to spend time with my boyfriend and his family. I felt so horrible and my boyfriend as well. He came to Dublin to pick me up...only for me to be shipped off back to Canada!! I never felt so low as to the way i was treated...made to feel as if i was a criminal!@!

    I am baffled by all of this as I always thought that having a canadian passport wouldn't cause any problems. I was crying all the way back to Canada and felt so heart broken that i wasn't even allowed to see my boyfriend. I gave the officials his phone number and any other information they wanted, however...it wasn't good enough.

    I have been denied entry into Ireland, but my worry is....they didn't stamp denied on my passport, but i do have paperwork they had given me with the reason(s) as to why i was denied.

    If i apply for a visitor's visa, will this nightmare happen again..will it cause me problems to enter in the future?

    Please help me as i'm dying to see my boyfriend and his family.

    thank you,

  • Hi Brian,
    I am living in Cebu in the Philippines as a retiree. I would be grateful if you or your readers can help me. My wife's mother died recently and we had to return to Dublin very quickly. We could only arrange a flight, business class, with Qatar Airways at short notice to Gatwick and return from Heathrow. And Ryanair between London and Dublin. All went well until check-in at Heathrow on the return to Cebu. The flight was delayed 3 hours. My treatment went from bad to worse, with missed connections and poor standard accomodation in Doha overnight. I complained on my return about the very poor treatment I received from mainly ground staff of Qatar Airways. After several letters and their investigation of my complaint, they accepted liagility and offered $250 in compensation. However this could only be redeemed against the cost of a Qatar product. So, on a like for like purchase, a return business class ticket to London , I would have to spend $3500 or so to claim my relief of $250. Surely this is illegal Brian. I know there were some Irish people on the flight, they were going to a sports meeting, which I believe they missed. This flight QR 12 from Heathrow on 9th July 2008. I would welcome any advice you may have. I have already informed Qatar Airways that I am seeking advice elsewhere.
    Acknowledgement of this email would be most appreciated, thanks.
    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Kenny.
    17 Sesame Street, Dona Rita Village, Banilad, Cebu 6000, Philippines.
  • I'm 19 years old and want to get out of America and go work in Ireland for however long I can. I have done a lot of research on all kinds of visas, work permits, and naturalization but I do not believe I meet any of the requirements. When telling people that I just want to go over there and work I have been told i wont even make it out of the airport. The best way I have heard is to go work illegally, but I am curious as to how I can do that because it is my last opportunity and I am willing to do anything to get over there and begin working as soon as I can.
  • Hi, I would like to know how can I be employ at UNITED KINGDOM? I'm from Phillippines. Do I need to apply for my working permit r working visa, when there is a family who wants me to be employ? Or they will be the one who's going to process my working permit? May I know the proper procedure regarding for they were hiring me. Thank you for your time. I hope you find a way to response regarding my concern. Thanks again
  • Hi, I'm a Filipino married to a Dutch national who's working here in Ireland, I've been living here in Ireland for almost 3 years and I was wondering if I need a UK Visitor Visa if we would go to Northern Ireland or my passport and my GNIB card will be sufficient enough?
  • Here to stay in Dublin? For a low buget, for 4 days. Suguest?
    Demanjo, Portugal
  • Hi Demanjo,
    The official Dublin Bus (Hop On Hop Off) City Tour is great value for money. It goes to 23 of the best Dublin attractions and has onboard commentary (in most languages)
    The full tour takes one and a half hours but your ticket is valid for twenty four hours so you can hop on and hop off whenever you like. Your ticket will give you discounts into all 23 attractions.
    We at Almara Accommodations Dublin are agents and sell these bus tickets at a discounted rate - requests to dublinaccommodations@gmail.com
  • hum that is interesting...
    I'm trying to go to Dublin in June, but don't know a good place to stay. Takes for the tipic!
    Demanjo, Portugal
  • Hi Brian,

    I've been refused for my visa to ireland. Now i've tried to appeal this visa again. But, I have UK visa, Can I visiting Ireland without Ireland visa? only using UK Visa?
  • we are south africans living in the uk for the past 6 months on a working holdiay maker visa. we want to go to dublin,do we need a visa, or does our 2 year UK visa suffice? thanks. WA
  • I heard there is a big taxi strike happening today and tomorrow. Will this effect transport from the airport?
  • Hey,

    I am a student in Edinburgh and so I have a UK student visa for four and half years. I want to visit Dublin with a couple of friends from university. As they are EU citizens they do not need a visa but I com from India. Do you suggest I need a visa for a short visit?

    If I have my return ticket and show my Matriculation card with whatever document from university(as required), is it okay?
  • Hi all,
    I don't mean to be rude but I know little or nothing about all the different requirements for all the different Nationalities needing Irish Visas.
    Here is a helpful website that should be able to help most - http://www.citizensinformation.ie

    Be careful for all travelling to Dublin tomorrow - there is a National dispute which may affect many services - including Taxis (sorry I missed your last post DavidF)
  • Hi, Can anyone suggest me whether I have to take a visa to enter in Northen Irelend from Republic of Ireland ( Dublin). I am not a Irish national in fact I am working in Dublin with my spouse havin green card.
    To visit there in northern Ireland do I really need a visa??

    Pls suggest. thnks
  • None required Alex - check at your local police station before you travel.
  • Hi there!
    I'm counting the day's to go to Dublin... :D
    I have some questions:
    - What I dish could you recomend me to eat at Eire?
    - Temple Bar, is the zone of the pubs?
    - At the Airport can I buy that ticket you told me previous this year?
    Demanjo, Portugal
  • am a student studyin in dublin i plan to go o london afta my exams do i need to show any id card to d officials when returning back to dublin?
  • yes u need show ID coming back
  • Demanjo, get a Dublin coddle, its only delish! Make sure to try a full Irish breakfast also.
    Temple Bar is the pub zone but full of tourists. There are better bars outside it. Buy a bus pass at the airport.
  • Thanks Conor.
    I only wish the weather stays clean.
  • My mum is 95, but unfortunately her passport runs out in June 2009. I can't really get her another 10 year one, is there a special annual one for the elderly. Does she need one to visit Ireland e.g. Cork/Dublin/Rosslare? Thanks
  • Hai,
    We r living in Dublin since 2006 april.Now we r planning to go 5day tour to London,Thru bmi flight with out visa.Have any struggles to us there or dublin when we come back.
  • hi
    i am afghan national resedent in uk for the past 5 years due to my wife is from germany and this is where we came to uk from now i have 2 yearly multyple chengen visa and uk resedent permit planing to go to belfast and dublin for a visit just to look around do i need visa ??
    some say yes some say no i am confuse and dont want be be leted down by imigration on the border or sended back to afghanistan due to illigal entry
  • Hello Brian,

    i don't know but it seems Northern Ireland is out of the internet lol, i really can't find enough information about this country, I have been given a place to volunteer there but i don't know where the embassy is...Is it possible for me to apply for a Northern Ireland visa through the British embassy?
    i am in Cameroon, i will be waiting on hearing from you
    Greetings from Cameroon
  • What is the requirement for US citizens driving in Ireland? Is it a good idea to go ahead and get an International drivers permit?
  • Hi Brian,
    I would please like to know if non-Irish nationals with resident permits in the Republic of Ireland require Visas to travel to Northern Ireland?.Thanx
  • Hi Adam.
    Even though there's a border between the republic of Ireland and the north of Ireland no permit is needed.
  • Hi Brian
    I don't know if you can please answer my question, because it's amazing,how the republic of Ireland claimed to be in europe,but yet the so called Non Nationals who are have Resident Permits can't even travel to other European countries freely without Visas like other Non Nationals with Resident Permits in Italy,Spain,Norway,etc do..It appears the Irish Non Nationals are being caged or what? Please enlighten us more.Thanks
  • Hi Brian,
    Thanx for getting back to me with that information.Does that mean Non Irish Nationals with Resident Permits can travel through Cork or dublin airports to Belfast without Visas? Thanx.
  • Hi Brian
    Please i would like to know if residents in the Rep of Ireland require visa to travel to England? Thanks
  • Josh - no visa is required. You're all part of the EU man!
  • My Son and his wife will be moving to Dublin to work next year. They will have all the appropriate work visas etc. They are expecting a baby and would like me to come there to take care of the baby while they work. Will I need a special visa or permissions to care for their child? Could you please point me in the right direction so that I can get all the proper permissions in advance.

    Best Regards,
  • Hello,

    I am Trisha. I am an Indian. I am living in the UK since past one year two months on a student visa.However, I would extend my post study work visa after my results are out. My enquiry is with regards to Ireland visitors visa and work visa. I am looking forward to work in Dublin. But, where ever I apply for jobs the company tell me to get a visa first and then they might consider. In this case what visa would I need? Which Visa should I apply for to get work in Dublin. The second query is that can visitors visa be valid till 6 months as my boyfriend who is an EU citizen has recently started living and working there and I would like to visit him for six months and can I work part time/full time on visitors visa?

    I would really appreciate your help and information in this matter. As I love the country and I would want to grow further there.

    Thanks so much.

    Kindest Regards,

    Trisha W
  • Hi! I am looking to find a job in Dublin. I love to travel but I am willing to work anywhere! Is it difficult for a foreigner to get a job? Do any jobs come with accommodations?

  • Depends what type of work you are looking for - if your English is good there are many jobs you can apply for.
    Accommodation sometimes comes with Hotel / Guesthouse work or childminding work.
  • Hi I am an Indian national and will be visiting Northern Ireland(Belfast), will I get a UK visa and if I get one can I travel to London with that Visa. Plz advise.
  • Do we need an visa to enter Dublin? we are on a student visa in Uk.
  • Hi Brian
    I am heading to the states. Do I need to show a return ticket to Ireland. As I am thinking of going to the Bahamas after states. Going for three months in all.

  • Hello
    Is it possible to go to ireland (dublin) with only a british visa?
    from sweden directly to dublin without going to england first? (My friend who is going to dublin and asking this question is not a swedish citizen, but thai)
  • Hi all,
    I'm putting together a Dublin / Ireland website called Dublin Visitors it will help with more questions -
  • Hey there. I am hoping to go to Ireland for my birthday this year> When i mentioned this to people the subject of passports arose. What i would like to know is..Do i actually need a passport to travel from England to Ireland?? Everyone is trying to be helpful but no-one actually knows..and i want to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you
  • Just bring your English or European passport with you and enjoy Ireland
  • Hi,

    If you are looking for general info and tips about settling down in Dublin, you might find this site very helpful: http://sites.google.com/site/movingtodublin

    It has been developed by a team of Dublin expats, and provides a lot of useful tips and to-do's.

    Hope this will be of help to some of you
  • Thanks Lauraash,
    I've checked it out it's got very useful Dublin information - maybe they'll give http://www.dublin1.webs.com a mention.
  • am studying in Dublin Ireland, My daughter is visiting me,can i find a school for her to study here just like me.thanx
  • Hello I am a turkish citizen and i am in london with a Tier 4 student visa, can I enter dublin? or do i need a visa for ireland as well? Please let me know because next weekend I want to go to Dublin

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