Getting a Tunisian man over here
  • Hello Does anyone know if there is such thing as having a Tunisian Man to come to the USA for a visit without Visa?
  • All Tunisian citizens require a visa to enter the USA no matter what the purpose of their visit. 
  • salam: documents necessary to marry a Tunisian iraqi man but life uk pllllllllllllllllllllllease help me 
  • Selmi is the man Tunisian or Iraqi? These are two different countries and documents may differ. What country are you from and where does this man live? With this information I maybe able to advise your further..
  • Alethia is there such thing as a visit visa?
  • You're talking about a tourist visa.
  • Yes is there such thing as that and how long does that last?
  • Tunisians apply for a B -2 tourist visa at the American Embassy in Tunis

    A B-2 visa is usually issued for six months but this is at the discretion of the issuing visa officer.
  • Okay so what is the forms I need to do to get him here I want him here under family Visa so when it is done I won't worry about them sending him back.. I know I am a pain LOL but I need to get this done right and I know that you Alethia and Anya are very smart about these things Thanks for you help the new Theresa Ghanmi

  • I think your best option would be to apply for a fiance visa so that once you marry he can them stay as your husband. It may be best if you seek advice from an immigration lawyer as immigration law is a minefield.
    Have a look here at this government site it has lots of information.
  • He is my husband now I went there to Tunisia in late Feb and we got married with all the friends and family on March 3rd :\">  so I would need a family Visa I would think right?
  • Congratulations  on your marriage. 

    Here is the website with the information you require,  I am an immigration lawyer in the United Kingdom and I urge you , if you can afford it to take advice from a US lawyer as immigration law is a minefield and an immigration application is more than filling in forms.

    I wish you all the best. 
  • Alethia when I do my VIsa for my husband will they be looking on how much money I bring in a year?  I am an American citicen and he lives in Tunisia??
  • Most definitely the US government will look at your income. As you are now married you will apply for a marriage visa for your Tunisian husband.

    US immigration law requires you to have show you are in employment earning a stable income in excess of 125% of HHS poverty guidelines.

    For example If you are a single woman with no dependents the HHS poverty level is $11,670 per annum  you must therefore earn more than  $14587.50 per annum to be able to apply for your husband.
  • how Hard is it to try and get my husband a Work contrack and how do I go about trying to get him one???  Do you think when I go to do Visa it would be good if he has a contract from a work place here or would it matter??


  • Theresay, you really need to be realistic regarding your husbands visa for the USA. The visa process can take months. You appear to have no idea how expensive, lengthy and complicated the spouse visa application is.

    Ask yourself what US company is going to offer a work contract to a man they know nothing about and keep that job offer open for months, maybe a year , maybe longer,on the basis that your husband might be granted a visa to join you in the USA.

    Then ask yourself this. Do you think that the US immigration authorities would believe that a bonafide US company would have a genuine job vacancy waiting for your husband to turn up. Of course not.

    You are supposed to be able to support your husband until such time he is in the USA and can legally work.

  • Theresay - did you not think to check all this BEFORE you got married???
  • Lesley, if you read this thread you will see that Theresay orginally asked for advice about a visit visa, she even thought it might be possible for aTunisian to go to the US without a visa

    It then it turned out that Theresay and her husband had married in March 2014 in Tunisia and only then did her husband make a passport and birth certificate.

    I advised her in April to contact an immigration lawyer in the US. December first Theresay asked for assistance in finding a lawyer and Terry provided her with lawyers names and addresses .

    So I guess the answer to your question    Theresay - did you not think to check all this BEFORE you got married???        is probably NO.

  • No, I guess the thought of visas etc was not uppermost in the mind.  I wish her luck but from my reading of the political situation it will be even harder for visas from my part of the world.
  • They are already married ten months and no US visa on the horizon. I wonder how long this marriage will last when the US visa is not forthcoming.
  • And Lesley yes it was but he didn't have his ID and Passport and as you of all know it takes a long time for the postal to get one thing to another so I am sorry I even came to you all for questions I am just a women IN LOVE and just asking questions..  WONT ASK ANYMORE ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Theresay, it is not negativity, its fact. I see many women like you everyday as I am sure does Lesley. We know how difficult it is to make these marriages successful and your living in cuckoo land if you think the US visa is not important to the sucess of your marriage. I wish you good luck. You are going to need it.
  • I know VISA is important to our marriage that is why I am asking these questions.  Don't you think we know that there is bad and good out there that is why I ask these questions not only cause I am stupid but becaus eI want to make shore that I am doing it right and see if there is a easy way to do things I thought you guys was here to help not only say negivative things but like I said I am done asking you all questions


  • Sorry we cant give you sweetness and light, but myself, Lesley and Terry have all been very helpful to you, if you want to go off in a huff because you don't like what we say, then thats a shame.
  • Theresay, I'm sorry but you're being very, very predictable. No one here is negative except you.

    You are so blind that when you are given honest, accurate and straightforward advice/opinions instead of being an adult and listening to the pros and cons of the offered advice like a reasonable person you instead have these silly, knee-jerk reactions, blaming everyone else for your issues.

    Until you grow up and are able to participate in rational discussion then yes, it is better that you go elsewhere.

    All the best to you and good luck.

  • To be honest, I give hundreds of women advice every day on these questions. If I don't give the answers they want to hear I don't hear from them again! C'est la vie - I don't sugar coat, so I'm sorry Theresay if you don't like our answers but we are honest and this is a travel forum right??

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