Easiest way to get to work in UK from South Africa
  • My partner is a south African citizen and he wants to live and work in Great Britain (my country) what is the easiest way for him to do so?
    Because he cant get a visa without work and he cant get work without a visa, it is a viscous circle.
    Any ideas?
  • Work permits in the UK are limited and very hard to obtain. Unless your partner is qualified to work in a shortage occupation in the UK and has a job offer he will not be granted a work permit.

    If he has £200,000 hre can start up a business as an Entrepreneur.

    Or you can marry.. Then you as the British citizen must be living and working in the United Kingdom earning a minimum salary of £18,600 per annum to be able to sponsor him as your spouse.
  • Thank you for your help, always seems you have to be married to make it easier.

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