Travelling to Dominican Rep on a Green Card
  • I live in USA ( russian sitizen) and I'm a permananet resident. Do I need visa for traveling to Dominican Republic or green card is fine?
  • You do not need a visa for DR if you have a green card. But make sure you travel with your russian passport.
  • I am an American citizen who wishes to work and live in the D.R. for one year as a teacher. What do I need?
  • I live in USA ( Russian citizen) and I'm a permanent resident.But i don't have Russian passport. I getting married very soon and i don't have enough time to do my passport !!! can i do permanent travel document to go on honeymoon in Dominican republic ???
  • I am a Canadian citizen that lives in the US (permanent resident alien green card) My husband and I are traveling to the Dominican. I have a Canadian Passport, do I still need my Green Card to travel to the Dominican and back to the US?

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