Travel Around Africa - border problems
  • I am planning to travel around eastern and southern Africa in 2010, taking maybe 9 months to see as many countries as possible.

    How easy is it, as a British citizen, to just 'turn up' at a border and be let into a country? I've seen statements such as "proof of onwards travel" and "sufficient funds" mentioned on numerous websites, but how is this possible if I am to travel on small, local forms of transport?

    Any advice would be gratefully received.
  • It really depends on each country. Draw up a list of your destinations, then cross reference visa requirements using Word Travels' visa section for each country. Backpackers are almost never questioned around sufficient funds etc so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just expect to pay a lot of little "gifts" at border posts to clear up queries.
  • David F said it but the gifts are not a must if your papers are up-to date and you plan early,secure the visa in good time and you are done.
    draw up your itinerary and lets exchange the best option as where fast.

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