I am from Dubai
  • Before 2 months ago i talked with one American girl in Waplog site chatting she's name is Micheal Sara she is living in Nigeria bcause she said her father worked in Nigeria and he dead and she is doing her Master in Nigeria and she has father properities which he had two factory in Nigeria!! and she said that she will come to Dubai to meet me! but she requested me to give her 1000$ for the BTA, but am sure that American citizen no need for visa or BTA to come over here.. Please be careful from here and am sure she is not American.. Her mobile is 002347034200518
  • This woman is not American. and there is no such thing as BTA or PTA these are made up by scammers to obtain money.
    Why would an American citizen remain alone in Nigeria to do a masters degree which is not recognised anywhere in the world when she could be at college in the USA studying for a recognised degree.

    This woman is a scammer and you should have nothing more to do with her.

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