Croatia visa query
  • Hi Ayyueh,

    Your sister does not need tourist visa for Croatia if you are cruising on big cruisers, and will just have short visit.

    Have fun in Dubrovnik!
  • As above, does it also apply for Thai passport travel on a with a stop in Split about 5-6 hours without visa ?

    On the same cruise to Egypt, Israel, Cyprus...Thai passport needs visa but I wonder if the cruise will issue Blanket visa for their passengers or not. Or only when we take shore excursion with them.

  • I am a Indian Citizen and have a valid Schengen visa. I have to leave from India 17th July,2009 and have no time to apply for Croatian Visa from India. I have to travel to Czech,Germany and Slovenia. I am planning to go to Croatia on 25th July to 1st August and also have purchased a airticket. Please inform how to apply for Croatian visa in Frankfurt in the Croatian Consulate. Will i easily get visa from Frankfurt for Croatia. I already have proofs of my ongoing business in Croatia and invitation from Croatian company. I am going there for Business visit. Please inform ??
  • hi im in croatia have been for 3 weeks i am from uk
    what do i need to do to work and live in croatia as i said i am allready was ment to be a holiday but want to stay and work and live there
  • Hi
    I'm a Thai girl living in UK with a student visa.
    Can you tell me if a I need a visa for Croatia for a 3 weeks visit? If so how do apply.
    Thanks for you hepl
  • no you dont for 3 weeks only if u are going to stay for more then 90days work or live there
    where u from in thai and uk by the way
    just thought i b frendly :)
  • Hi,
    I am Indian citizen holding an indian passport. Now I have a croatian business visa. Can I travel to italy, switzerland with the same visa?
  • hi, im currently in london and on a uk visa. i want to visit croatia for a week, what visa do i need?
  • A friend from Croatia would like to travel to Niue Islane via New Zealand. Would he be needing to apply for a transit visa?
  • Hello my friend is an Indian citizen livng and working in Japan.

    Wants tio visit Croatia as a tourist.

    Does he need a passport only or a visa?
  • Hi, I am South African wanting to travel to Croatia. If I have a Croatian visa will I be able to use it in Austria for example should I decided to visit friends there or do I apply for all possible countries?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Hi Croatia Expert, I'm travelling withy my wife in 2 weeks with Costa on a cruise through Italy, Greece, Turkey and Croatia (Dubrovik). I do not have a problem as german, but my wife as tunisian does. I've called many times at the croatian ambassy in Germany and I was told at least twice that I do not to worry as I just need to fill out some form on the ship in order to get a visa once arrived in Dubrovnik. I'm still worrying about it as I'm getting different answers here and there. Is it indeed possible to get a visa on the ship for those 5 hours in Croatia?
  • Hello my friend is an Indian citizen livng and working in Dubai.

    Wants tio visit Croatia as a tourist.

    Does he need a passport only or a visa?
  • hi, i am a Filipino citizen and will take a cruise from venice with a stop in Split, croatia,do i Need a tourist visa for this.thank you
  • Guest - yes, you need a visa and shouly apply before depatrure. Please contact your trvel agent for assistance or ship concierge for advice.
  • My children are on Zimbabwe passports, we are British, do they require visa's for Croatia?
  • concerning a filipino passport holder with a United States permanent resident card - is a Croatian visa for a half day stop over required on that cruise out of Italy even with the green card ?
  • Good day,

    I am a South African citizen, I am working in France for 3 months. I have a valid work permit and VISA.
    I also have a valid schengen VISA for travelling purposes.

    I am going on a contiki tour for 2 months afterwards, this entails 2-3 days in Croatia, do I need a VISA ?

    Could you please assist me in this regard.

    Many thanks.
  • For everybody that needs more information about visas to Croatia check out this page - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

    Click on "Regulation on the visa regime (NN 41/08)" on the bottom and read the document from there. There are many types of visas and different categories for different countries. There is a list of all countries that need visa for Croatia so if you're from one of them make sure that you apply at least 2 weeks before your journey.
  • I will be flying to Zurich on 6th Night by Swiss(LX)-147 and I expect my shengen visa today or tomorrow, how should I apply for croation visa and where, how long will it take to get the croation visa, my ticket i s already booked. Please help me as I am a senior citizen and I want to go as a tourist.
    Arun Kumar Mehra Mob: 9810479728
  • hello! I am a Chinese citizen, Holding Post study working UK visa, Live and work in London, I am planning on a holiday in Croatia, do I need Visa? and How long the visa is going to take to process?

    many thanks
  • Hi there,
    I am the South African citizen and I am flying to Czech Republic on temporary passport.
    From Czech Republic I would like to go to Croatia for a week or so. Can i apply for tourist visa to Croatia on temporary passport?
    Thank you very much for your response.
  • Richard - the rules of how you can use an emergency passport are not define very clearly - your best bet is to apply with the Croatia Embassy and see how it goes:

    1160 Church Street
    0083 Colbyn Pretoria
    P.O. Box 11335
    South Africa
  • maybe im out of topic but i really need a a Filipino,,and i will go to croatia for 90days as a tourist..and my route is from philippines to milan italy airport and from there i will wait for 3hours milan airport to i still need a transit visa from italy?even if i will not go out from airport i will just wait there for my another flight?
  • Hi i want to get my fiance to Croatia from Dubai in order to get married over there and come back to Dubai he is from pakistan i really dont know what should i do.
    any help would be appreciated
  • Cao Croatia Expert ! I am a landed immigrant in Canada and I really want to go back home!(Croatia)? I have not applied for Canadian citizenship yet and I was just wondering how I would go to Croatia because before I would use a Croatian visa but now you do not need a visa to go from Canada to Croatia for up to 90 days and I would l only be staying fir 60 days. What documentation do I need to go to Croatia and possibly other parts of Europe? Would I just need a permanent resident card?
    Hvala :)
  • hi, i live in costa rica my mom is from yugoslavia- she pass away 8 years ago- an my dad y from costa rica,what do i have to do to get my croatian passport and i want to know if is possible make the paperwork from costa rica.
    can i get my a croatian citizenship ?, i am a male 37 year old, my second name is juric.
  • hi, i live in costa rica my mom is from yugoslavia- she pass away 8 years ago- an my dad y from costa rica,what do i have to do to get my croatian passport and i want to know if is possible make the paperwork from costa rica.
    can i get my a croatian citizenship ?, i am a male 37 year old, my second name is juric.
  • I'm a Filipino citizen living in austria with immigrant visa. Do I need visa to visit croatia for vacation?
  • i live in japan and planning to go back to the phillippines next year for atleast 1 month..i want to ask if its possible to go in croatia for 5 days?? do i need a visa?? and if i have my croatia visa,do i have to get a visa for germany coz i am arriving at germany francfurt??
  • I am from South Africa and applied for my Croatian visa on 13 May. At the moment they are short staffed and there is a huge delay, which I wasn't aware of. We fly to the UK on 6 June and then to Croatia on 10 June. The agency handling our visa application have been told our passports will be ready on 8 June. This doesn't suit us as it's going to cost thousands of rands to change our flights and then we get to spend only one day in the UK. I was wondering if we would be able to apply for our visa when we are in the Uk and if it can be done in 3 days?
  • Hi,
    I am british and have just returned to UK after 90 days in croatia working on a super yacht UK registered and spending a lot of cash in croatia, I need to go back in 3 days for 10 more days to finnish my work, pack my things (including bank cards, driving licence and all my clothes) and pick up stuff from an apartment i have been renting there and is currently still rented out to me. Also i have my cat there, who is coming back to Uk with me after the 10 days (just awaiting the final export docs for her) before heading off to greece with the yacht. How is the best way to do this do i need visa and how quickly can i get one, can i get one on arrival?
  • hi there... good day! I am a filipino citizen holding a philippine passport ,married to an austrian citzn for 5 years, i just arrived in austria 4 months ago holding a tourist visa then my wife and I applied for a permanent residency but my tourist visa has already expired and the magistrad told us that my documents are complete but i have to leave schengen country first to obtain my austrian resident visa , so I was thinking of applying a visa to croatia to stay there for month or two until they release my visa, i was just wondering if it is possible to get a croatian visa with an expired schengen visa? I'm planning on applying to the embassy of austria in croatia for my resident visa. please help me with my query I need to make a move as soon as possible... thank you.
  • Hi I am a South African citizen with a US green card (I am a US permanent resident), I study in London full time and I want to visit Croatia for about a week (7 days), I want to know if I will need any type of visa to go or to visit Croatia? Please reply back.
  • I have an Italian, european passport and I live in the UK. I am going to croatia on holiday. Do I need a visa?
  • hi i am british guy, have a civil partnership with a filipino, we are having a nightmare getting a visa for the u k, we are looking at croatia to rent and then buy property there, what is the situation on getting a visa for my filipino partner? many thanks john

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