spending 2 months in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • So I will be spending two months this summer in Sarajevo for some work.
    I am of Indian nationality.Getting the visa there is no problem for me.
    The problem I have is I want to visit the neighbouring counties and want a multiple entry Schenegan visa
    But according to the requirements for my country, they require confirmed hotel bookings and dates of arrival and departure.
    These things will totally be dependent on the free time I get and cant be planned in advance from my side.
    So what do i do? 
    Will I be stuck in Bosnia and Herzegovina for whole 2 months :(
    Even Crotian visa requires hotel reservation and dates. 

  • It is a standard requirement for all Schengen visa applications to provide confirmation of bookings and travel arrangements, if you cannot provide this information you will not be granted a visa.

    Normally you must apply from your home country for a Schengen visa but maybe you could try to apply for a visa at the Croatian embassy in Sarajevo.
  • Croatia does not come under Schengen visa?
  • When Croatia joined the EU a rule for Schengen visa holders was introduced in 1st January 2014. If you hold a Schengen visa you can enter Croatia , stay or transit without applying for an additional Croatian visa.Croatia is expected to become a full member of the Schengen zone in 2015.

    That is why Croatia requires reservations and dates as it is coming in line with the Schengen rules.
  • Thanks
    What are my chances at Croatian embassy in Sarajevo?
  • Also, any other country worth visiting where getting visa would be easy
  • Montenegro is really nice and you can apply for a visa at their Embassy in Sarajevo.not in your home country

    As for Croatia, I guess you just have to try your luck at the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo. Can your work colleagues assist you in any way with the visa?
    Montenegrin Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaTalirovica 4
    71000 Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

     Telephone(+387) 33 239 925 / 7

     Telefax(+387) 33 239 928


  • what kind of help can workers provide in croatian visa?
  • The company your working for may be able to give you a letter confirming you are working in Bosnia Hercegovina
    and this will confirm that you will return after your visit. to Croatia.

  • oh that kind of letter i will get for applying for visa for Bosnia Herzegovina itself .

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