• Hi .in next month i m going uk
    But i want to call my boyfriend also over there so on which visa i can call him
    Plz help me guyzz
  • He needs to apply for a general visit visa
  • Can i sponser him??
  • No, you cannot sponsor him as he is not your relative.
  • As a friend also.i cant
    Plz.guyz sugest me any thing else i can do to call him
  • There's nothing you can do, unless you get married I think.
  • Anya is right, there is  nothing you can do but marry.

    You sound very young, does your family know about your boyfriend?
  • No they dnt knw about my boyfriend
    But they have given me perimision to marry by my wish
  • But guyz need ur help yaar
    Which is the easy way??
  • Goodness me. Shifa, what  more do we have to say, the UK immigration rules DO NOT allow you to sponsor your boyfriend. It is very difficult for a non British person to obtain a visa for the UK and that's the bottom line.
  • So.what should i do yaar
    Really my mind is blank
    Any how i need to call
  • There is a no any conclusion on your question. sorry. But you can't do anything for that.
  • Will any1 will help me over there to call him??
  • Shifa, I am a lawyer ,so take notice once and for all, there is no way your boyfriend can come to the UK under the present immigration rules. This has been explained to you repeatedly, now stop being so silly.
  • My dear why don't try to take advise from them?

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