Visa requirement for British passport holder going to South Africa
  • Hi, I have a client who is travelling to South Africa - British Citizen - on Business and needs to know if a Visa is required. I have checked a few websites but they advise no Visa required up to 3 months but my client will be staying longer than this - help??
  • There a couple of options for him, either he can overstay his visa and get a fine of a few thousand rand, or pop out of South Africa on a short holiday before the three months is up, go to a game farm in Namibia, a trip back to London, or a a week in Namibia and when he comes back the 3 months starts again. Thats the option I'd choose!
  • We are in the same situation but dont dont understand how to get around the return ticket, will customs allow us entry into south africa with a eg. four months return ticket?
  • I'm a british citizen lives in Nigeria, need to no if I require a visa to visit South Africa for 10 days

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