Car rental from Cancun to Belize
  • how far is it to drive from cancun to belize?should i get a map when i get there and just go?i am swf travelling alone.any tips would be appreciated
  • Allow 4 - 5 hours' drive south to the Belizean border. Check with your rental company that they will allow you to take the vehicle into Belize, and I've heard that you have to purchase Belizean car insurance at the border.
  • I don't know about driving down the coast of Mexico. I wouldn't do it. But once you get into Belize, you aren't going to run into roads that are smooth and unencumbered. Also, you have no idea of who you might run into in the middle of Belize or in the towns you'll go through on the main road. It's not Europe.
  • I'm not sure you can even take a rental car accross the border into Belize. You need to double check this.

    Also don't worry about what's been said, driving in Mexico is great. The roads are well signposted and wide, they just have a strange obsession with putting speed bumps everywhere. If anything the roads in Belize are going to be worse.
  • About 400 kilometer or 250 miles. It's a pretty easy drive--you do have to slow down for every village because of the speed bumps
  • I have heard tourists get mugged on the roads. That a group or gang approach the car and steal your money and any valuables you may have on you. I heard it happens in isolated roads heading out to another city or town.
    Is it just a rumor or is it safe to drive in Mexico?
  • We drove from The Riviera Maya to Belize and beyond with 4 adults and 5 kids. The roads are good, we found them safe. The only car rental company I found that allowed you to cross the border was at It's a local company. They had a bad rap on trip advisor but we found them to be exemplorary. Make sure you have your papers in order at the border. There was a typo on ours and we were probably at least an hr longer at the border than we should have been. You have to buy Belizian insurance when you leave the border area, it's straight forward and cheap, $25 for a week. Roads in Belize are rough and tough going but doable, fun and again we found perfectly safe. We drove west to San Ignacio, then back to the coast to pick up a boat to Caye Caulker. Border back to Mexico was quicker and we returned the vehicle without issue. I think a friendly, respectful attitude goes a long way to aid the process. Good luck
  • I'm thinking of driving from Cancun Mexico to Belize city. I keep reading the pros and cons of traviling at all on the rout I want to use. some say it's safe and some say it's not so safe. I know its not like driving in the us but also, I hope it's not like Iraq can some one help?. Thanks. New traveler
  • Hi Folks, we are on a tour in America and driving down to Mexican region soon. The tour is so great, however would like to know any suggestions to make it more exciting. We are a group of 5 people from Australia.
  • So far, Buster and continental are the only agencies that allow cross border trips the Belize and Guatemala
  • I just reserved a Sport Suv Nissan X-Trail from Caribbean Rent a Car they give you papers to cross the border into Belize
  • Hi all fellow travelers--- We have make the treck from Cancun to Belize 2 to 3 times a year.(our last time being Dec16th 2010) The company we rent from is Cancun car rental/Americian car rental/Continantal car rental-- They are all the same company but somtimes different prices for the same cars ,so price them all. So far we have had no problem with them,though the very first time we rented we broke down in Talum ,but they sent us a new jeep right away.
    It is 4 to 4.5 hrs from Cancun to the border .When you leave the Car company turn right and keep going , if you can't make it in time before 7pm ,then take your time stop in tulum see the sights.Try not to drive to late into the night as it is a long lonely highway, though it is a great road right through to belize. With enough gas stations (Gas in Dec was $.75c a liter ,4 liters =USA gallon approx)
    The reason to get to the border before 7pm is for Belizian car insurance.You need it to drive in belize cost about$15.00 USA per week.....Also remember before you leave Mexico you must get a permit leave and get back in . If your to late you could stay in the duty free zone at the princess hotel and casino.In around $79 USD dollars per night,for 2 people that includes a great breakfast. Then the next morning get your insurance (Make sure you have your Belizen clearance papers from Car Rental company) Then if you wish visit the 7mile duty free zone lots of bargins. But remember only one bottle of Booze into Belize.Don't buy more they will take it. The insurance hut is right across the road from the Casino--- When you get this you also must get your car sprayed for bugs in around $10.00 Blz dollars ($5.00 USA) Going through Customs can be an adventure but they are good people and will leed you through it.... My advice take it easy it's new, exciting and fun-- Hope this helped------
  • Distance between Cancun to Belize is 297.89 miles i.e. 479.40 kilometers so about it will be nearly 10hrs drive. Now you have to see that if you can drive this much by taking short breaks or by taking a big break in between your journey.
  • My wife and I just got back from our trip to Belize and renting with cancunrentacar with all their other names. it is a little confusing at first but I would definitly do it again, no problems.
    The highway in Mexico is straight south and is good about a 4.5 hr drive, watch the speed bumps. The roads in Belize are not as good but I found them to be quite passable, again watch the speed bumps. We split the drive into 2 parts and found it very good. Mex/Bz border to Belmopan about 3 hrs. Border about 1.5 hrs delay.
    At no time did we feel unsafe there is always someone to lend a hand ( watch the tips they do this for a living)but it is an experience on its own(a good one)
    Be sure you have your letter to allow the car out of the country from the rental co.
  • Definitely don't forget the papers form your rental car company, you wont be able to get anywhere!
  • We rented 3 vehicles from "Caribbean Car Rental" when we got to the rental place we where at "America Car Rental" we reserved
    2 Nissan X-Trails 4X4 and got 2 Jeep Patriots front wheel drive so we were limited to where we could go and they had the nerve to call it a free upgrade, we also reserved a VW Crossfox and Dodge Caliber also a free upgrade, these kind of upgrades we could of done with out.They also go under the name "Lowest Car Rent"
  • Gary H. comments are very helpful - will be driving from Cancun to Belize - he answered all my questions - thank you much.........Betty p.
  • I plan on making the drive from Cancun to Belize in early April. Im 21 and Im going with my boyfriend, 23. I have been to Playa del Carmen a few times with my family, but this is my first without. So naturally, they are worried about my safety. I like the idea of driving ourselves instead of bus, so we can stop along the way. Could I have some advice on what to do? I found Gary H very helpful. Thanks in advance
  • I wish I could help you out. I've been living on the planet for a number of decades and I still don't know which end is up!
  • Very Helpful. Ive decided to dress as dog the bounty hunter and hoof it. I figure I can live off the land eating leaves and drinking my own urine.
  • We are going to rent car in Cancun and visit Belize and Guatemala. Could anybody describe in details how to cross Mexico/Belize border and Belize/Guatemala border (back and forth) with no problems - what papers needed, orders etc.
  • What is the distance approx..from Cancun to San Ignacio, and how long would that take to travel by car and how much for gas? Should I reserve a rental car in advance or is there plenty on the spot? Is there a place to drop off a rental car in Belize, or do you have to drive the car back to the same place that you rented it from in Cancun? Thank you for anyone that could help me out with these questions.
  • Hi, thanks for comments. Can you please tell me if you can pick up the car rental in Cancun or whether you should book online first. We will be there end of September and hope to drive down to Belize.
  • Hello people. I have been reading through the comments and wondering if its possible to rent the car in Cancun and leave it in Belize City as we will not be returning to Cancun? Has anyone done this?
  • There are some real scare mongers here. The drive is absolutely fine and takes 4.5-5 hours. Take it slow through the villages where there are speed bumps and you won't have a problem. Remember a few things: If not using a UK/USA/Canadian licence then get an International one. Before you cross into Belize fill up - fuel is more expensive in Belize. If you've been in Mexico 3 nights or less you do not have to pay an exit fee in Chetumal. Whatever the Immigration guy might say. The only hesitation I would have on safety is driving at night. If you have to do this (and I had to once around 10pm-3am) simply follow the ADO Coach all the way.
  • hi, am going down to Belize from cancun to see the land i purchased. Is there good hotel and some night life there i can enjoy? What about a boat in Belize?
  • Conitnental rent a car
    This company also known as Caribbean / America/ cancun/ fox are rip off merchants and the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They took money from my credit card without permission and were very rude, a nightmare to try to communicate with and above all gave me, my mother and 4 year old son a more than 20 year old car to drive to Belize with saying it was only a year old. It very obviously wasn't, they said they had no other cars. 
    I just wanted to let people know as they were the cheapest I could find who would let you drive the car to Belize.    
  • My husband and i are going to Akumal in september. and i am hearing anything from 4 hours or 1 and a half hours to belize. can anyone tell me how long the drive is to the border? thank you for your input.
  • My mate and I are planning to go with our 4-year-old, to Belize and stay for many months, to check it out as a place to relocate permanently. We have been comparing airfares from here to Belize City, with those from here to Cancun. We have found that flights are just over half the price of going to Belize City, if we choose to fly into Cancun. We have read that the bus rides between those cities are miserably cold, so we are now wondering if renting a car could be a better option for our family. Does anyone know if you can rent a car in Cancun, and drive to Belize City with a drop-off option? We just want to use the car to get to our destination, and will not need to drive after that. Thanks in advance for any help or advice. :-)
  • I did find one place Econo Car Rental in both Cancun and Playa del Carmen and the prices were good and we got papers to go into Belize. Absolutely no problems.

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