My indian visa got expired 4 years back .
  • Hello. I came to the india 4 years back on toyrist visa.. But i overstayed here illegal way .. Now i need go back to my country azerbaijan... Have anyone from u know .. Whats the safe way of doing so? What can happen? Thanks ahead
  • You may or may not be stopped when you leave India, that is a chance you have to take as entry and departure dates are checked when you leave India If you are stopped you may face a serious fine. 

    This is what the Indian law says
    As per THE FOREIGNERS (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2004. NO. 16 OF 2004 [20th February, 2004.]
    The penalty for a person who remains in India for a period for which the visa was not issued 
    shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to five years and 
    shall also be liable to be fined...

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