Omg we are all marrying same young Egyptian
  • Omg! So as I read online about marrying a young guy from Egypt, not meeting parents, being older, not Muslim, never being accepted, and well you name it "I think we ladies are all falling for same guy, oh crap!"

    I was about convinced by it all but since it is all financially an issue and not having parent approval....I am calling it quits especially after reading same story as mine over and over with same fears. I have dated an Egyptian here in US but he was much different than the one rushing, guilting and pressuring you into hurry for marriage to allegedly be with me plus the whole virgin thing. The guy here already did the three year marriage to a US girl that went to college in Cairo. Guess I didn't put it all together that would be my future. They are romantic and gorgeous guys but it's heartbreaking to know that no matter what the family will never approve. Well it was an adventure in romantic possibilities but I think I just woke up from dream! Hope the rest of the ladies see this guy coming too!

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