mother of an EU citizen
  • hy,

    i am a mother of an EU citizen which gave the right to stay in Italy for a long period of time and

    i hold the Italian Codice fiscal ( security number Equivalent), the ID, and the resident permit.

    besides, i hold a diplomatic passport. 

    Now my question is to know whether i can visit the UK without visa ?
  • The fact you are the mother of an EU citizen and you reside in Italy and have a resident permit is irrelevant and does not allow you to travel to the UK without a visa.
    However you claim to have a diplomatic passport , from which country and in what capacity ? A valid diplomatic passport may enable you to enter the UK without a visa.
  • thank you Alethia for your swift reply.

    it's a diplomatic passport from Benin a west African Country.

  • If your diplomatic passport is valid then you do not require a visa to enter the UK
  • thank you so much dear ALETHIA. 
    may God bless you.


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