New to the forum. want to marry my syrian fiance next year in Turkey
  • Firstly big Congratulations to Leena and your husband. Wish you much happiness.

    I'm in the exact same situation as you were last year. Like you my Syrian fiance is currently a resident in Saudi Arabia.

    We do plan to use a wedding planner in turkey. They are great with my paper's and I fully understand what I need. But not with my fiances.

    its my fiances paper work. He has family in syria still but only til july this year. He can only get a 2 year passport from syria at a time. Will this be ok do you think as it mentions a 10 year passport. As he doesn't want to join the army in syria they wont give him a 10 year passport.

    He says his birth certificate is his certificate of no impediment. However it will be out of date if we get it certified by the syrian embassy this year while his family are still there.

    Leena please can you advise me what your fiance did please.

    many thanks in advanced zoe
  • Did you post this in the right place? Who is Leena?
  • Hi Anya, Leena married her Syrian husband in Turkey  its in this thread

  • Thanks Alethia I knew I had put it in the wrong place. I just couldn't find the original news thread so just posted.

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