Passport Validity for USA to Mexico Travel
  • A group of us will be leaving for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from 6/17/14-
    6/24/14 from SFO. 2 passports are expiring on 9/30/2014 (ages 17 &
    20). 2 other passports are expiring on Nov 8, 2014 (both 70+ years
    old). Will it be ok to fly on these dates to Mexico without having
    passport issues because these 4 passports are only within 3-6 months after travel
    dates. Or should we get these passports renewed under expedited service (would rather not ! if don't have to)?

    All else in Group have expiry dates 6+ months after travel dates. Thanks!
  • It is my understanding that Mexico simply requires that your passport is valid for the duration of your visit.
    Look here on the Mexican Consulate site, scroll down to "US and Canadian citizens" and it gives the exact information.

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