• Hi I was granted a holiday working visa I. September 2013 I onlyed stayed in Australia for 2 weeks for personal reasons is it possible to get an extension to this visa so i would be able to get my 2nd year visa
  • To be able to extend your visa you needed to have completed three months of the visa in Australia. 
  • Is there no possible way of an extension to the visa
  • You were granted a visa for one year you left Australia after 2 weeks so how can you ask for an extension?
    Make an application that is all you can do, what have you to loose?
  • My nan got I'll I had to leave how do you go about making an application thanks for your comments very helpful
  • Here is where you can find all the information and you can apply on line http://www.immi.gov.au/Services/Pages/working-holiday-visa-online-applications.aspx
    Good luck

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