• I want to go to tunisia in October what will the weather be like out there at that time
  • The weather is lovely in October with temperatures around 25C in the day and around 15C at night.
  • Is it expensive out there
  • Tunisia is still very reasonable and you can find cheap food and drink if you stay out of the main tourist areas.
  • Ok thankyou
  • Which is cheap place for accomodation in Tunisia. And which is the best mean of transportation there? after my all quires i will make a plan to go there.
  • Jerry, where in Tunisia are you planning to travel? The best way to travel around is with louages, these are 9 seat mini buses and are cheapest way.
  • hi i am pakistani i have libyan visa . i am in italy so that y i have also permesso di soggiorno i want to go to libya . may i travel from italy and may i get transit visa on tunis air port . i repeat again i dont want to stay in tunis i want to go libya by road -
  • As you are resident in Italy you should contact the Tunisian Embassy in Rome. Pakistani nationals require a visa issued by an Embassy before arriving in Tunisia. 
    Transit visas are granted to those with onward flights. As you will be entering Tunisia and driving to the Libyan border you probably need a tourist visa.

    So you may encounter difficulties
  • So plzzzzz if u can help me. If there is any other solution to go to the libya . Because my parents r in libya . I have libyan visa .but there r no direct flights to libya
  • Perhaps you should try to get your parents out rather than you going there.
  • Alethia is right, if there is any way to get your parents out that would be preferable to travelling into Libya yourself - as I'm sure you know the situation is becoming increasingly dire and it is difficult to get into the country.
  • Hi we have booked to go to tunisia in yasmine hammamet on 6th July 2015 for 10 days. I have just discovered it's Ramadan and wondered if we will be served drinks in our hotel as we are all inclusive? Also if we go out during the day will the restaurants and bars be open? Thank you. Mandy
  • Hi Mandy,
    Generally speaking, hotels and resorts that are frequented by foreigners continue to serve alcohol during Ramadan so that shouldn't be a problem. Within the resort 'bubble' you will probably not be able to tell the difference. Restaurants and bars in the city are another matter - it is polite not to be seen eating, drinking or smoking in public places during Ramadan and doing so could garner you some unwelcome attention. I would advise you to contact your hotel just to make sure, and when there ask their advice about where you can go to eat and drink during Ramadan. Locals know best.
  • Shahid, ribht now our borders are fairly well locked down, however Libyans are still coming in if they have the correct papers. If you can get a visa into Tunis then perhaps your parents can meet you here. Many Libyans are coming in through Sfax, Djerba and Kerkennah.
  • Shahid.....I have updated info. You can get to Libya with Afriqiya Air travelling from Istanbul, Amman or Tripoli (Lebanon). Please give me an email and I will put you in touch with my Libyan sources, for obvious reasons I will not do this on an open forum. lesley.khedhiri@hotmail.com
  • Hi Ella, thank you for your reply. I will check with our hotel. Are there boat trips available to book when we arrive?
  • Mandy, there are many boats that take tourists for trips. Just head for the harbour and take your pick. Wish you a very happy vacation with us.

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