Cruise Transit Visa
  • Hi! 

    I hold a filipino Passport and I have a US visa, i will be taking a Cruise to Alaska with a 6 hour stop in Victoria, We are not planning to go down and will stay in the Ship. Before I booked my Cruise I asked the agent, and they said we don't need a transit visa, and i checked the canada immigration official website and said Philippine Passport is not required a transit visa with conditions. 

    I just want to reconfirm, I'am really scared my cruise line will not allow us to board the ship even though the Agent said we don't need a visa. What do you think?
  • If you don't get off the ship, then you don't need a visa. You should be fine.
  • If the cruise line and Canadian immigration state you do not need a transit visa why are you worried? Canada has an agreement that people who are not Americans but have permanent residence can enter Canada short term without a visa. You can check again when you arrive in Victoria. Stop worrying and enjoy your cruise.

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