Tunisian tourist visa
  • Im a pakistani citizen living in Australia. Ive applied for a tunisian tourist visa as im getting married to a tunisian national. Its been 4 weeks since i applied but still have got no news from the embassy. The embassy says they are still waiting for a response from the ministry of interior in Tunisia. This is the second time im applying for this visa, the first time was a couple of months back but the approval came late and i had to cancel my tickets as i was stopping over in pak as well and needed my passport back. Can my fiancee in Tunisia call the ministry and ask them abt my visa?
  • Hello I am from the USA and I am going to Tunisia to visit my husband and I was wondering do you think it would be a waste of time to go to the US embassy of Tunisia and try and get a Visa for my husband to come back with me to America?
  • Theresay I have responded to your other post. I am surprised at how naive you are regarding your husbands visa to the USA. You cant go to the US Embassy and ask for a visa there is a very lengthy procedure you must both go through and the visa could be refused. Many people hire a lawyer as this is a very complicated process.
  • Yes,my friend Alethia you are right.It is very complicated process.

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