Planning a working holiday to Canada
  • hello all,
    me and my friend are planning on going to Canada for a year! we want to go over, travel around, and be able to work.
    we are finding really hard to even begin to apply for a visa, and we could really use some help and advice!!
  • Canadian consul website allows you to apply for 2 year working visa online, from Australia. My son in Vancouver for 12 months but returning soon as jobs dwindle, he is multiskilled and is now washing dishes and just surviving. So have a good bank balance before you travel.
  • If you're going to Canada and are worried about the "economic downturn" and not being able to find work, go to the prairies. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the prairie provinces.
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is still booming despite the "worldwide recession" and while winter temperatures can dip to -40 celsius with windchill, there's still plenty of work(indoors!).
  • how about you stay in your own country and work there.

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