Job in London
  • I m Indian citizen lived in Italy can I job in London
  • No you cannot work in London, because you are not an Italian citizen you are an Indian citizen living in Italy, this means you are not an EU citizen and therefore can not work in an EU member state
  • hey am in Kenya east Africa ,my friend in united kingdom has offered me a job there and she claims she can process my passport,visa working permit and ticket from there what she need from me is £400,and i should send it to her, she process  the documents for me since its faster from there.
    could this be genuine ? something tells me she might be tricking me for a trap
    advice me pliz
  • This is completely untrue and the person just wants your money. It is impossible to obtain a Work Permit like this. When people overseas are granted a Work Permit it is issued at a British Embassy not in the post through a friend

    It is very difficult to obtain a UK visa and only jobs on the shortage occupation list can be filled by a non EU citizen. What type of job has your friend offered ? How do you now this person?
  • Eliudblack, please listen to Alethia - this is NOT legitimate. It cannot be done legally in this way.

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