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  • Hi. I need someone to shed light with the confusion I have at the moment. I am thinking of going for an Eastern Europe tour with Expat Explore which starts from Venice and ends in Belgium. Out of the 9 countries that we are visiting, we will be spending two days in Czech Republic. Then from Belgium, I am planning to travel to Paris.(planning to stay there for two days)

    1. From which embassy should I apply my visa?
    2. If I enter in Venice, is it okay if I exit from another country, France perhaps. 

    Additional info:

    I am currently residing in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, holding a Filipino passport.
  • You apply in this instance in the country you first enter as you are on a tour. Where you exit from is irrelevant.
    So apply to the Italian Embassy  as your tour starts in Venice.

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