UK Spouse Visa
  • hi ,

    i am Pakistani holder passport and get married with British
    Passport holder before 2 months ,i am in Dubai on a working visa (Employment)
    since 3 years,

    i want to ask you that i want to apply for spouse visa so
    where should i have to apply form Pakistan or Dubai??.., Can i apply from Dubai
    or i have to go back to Pakistan for applying, and also the requirements for
    spouse visa ?

    Kindly answer me for my question thank you...  

  • You can apply from Dubai as this is where you reside .

    Your British spouse should be earning at least £18,600 per annum for six months before the application is madeand her 6 months payslips and 6 months bank statements must correspond,in that is her salary must be shown to be paid into her bank account. this is a very difficult process and I urge your wife to contact am immigration specialist to assist with your application

  • hi i have a boyfriend i met online and we havent really met in person,he wanted me to visit him in the UK but we dont know what pertinent information we have to put in on the invitation letter aside fr his work info..should he put in the invitation how we met and how genuine the relationship is? yhanks
  • You are applying for a general visit visa, there is no need to say you met on line, you just put in the letter you are friends and your boyfriend is inviting you to stay. The onus is upon you not your boyfriend to show you have a job and responsibilities to return to and sufficient funds to pay for your visit.
  • Thank you for your reply, what requirements do i need to fulfill before applying??

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