expired French Passport (EU), living in Los Angeles. Need to go back to france
  • I am a citizen of France living in Los Angeles (20+ years), I over extended my stay here in the US. I want to go back to France in October for good, but my French (EU) passport expired more than 5 years ago. Should I got the french Consulat and apply for a new one. Am I gonna get in trouble from the french authority for letting my passport expired.
  • There is no penalty for allowing a passport to expire. You simply apply to the French Consulate for a new passport. Your problems could arise with the US authorities as you have overstayed your US visa
  • Thx Alethia for the info. will the problems with the US authorities arise at the airport when I live for France, or if I want to go back to the USA later on?
  • Problems will occur when you want to return later to the USA. Although you may be questioned when you exit the USA they will not prevent you leaving.
  • Thank you so much for the info Alethia.

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